What Mass Com Category Does Sports Broadcasting Fall Under

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Sherrod Blakely, of NBC Sports Boston, is a what mass com category does sports broadcasting fall under visitor to Curry's campus to speak with students in the multimedia sports journalism program. Craig Larson, Boston Globe Boston Globe high school sports editor Craig Larson, an alumnus of Curry College, often returns to campus to speak to sports journalism students. Explore Related Programs: Internships The Internship Program at Curry College offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths by learning about their interests, skills, strengths, and values while acquiring course credits. Students can get involved in a variety of positions from day one on campus - and even host their own shows!

Grady College adds Sports Media Certificate to curriculum

Students will identify, summarize, analyze, and evaluate multiple short readings and write persuasive response essays to develop their vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and critical thinking. Attention will be paid to use of audio, story selection in news and sportscasts as well as play by play sports broadcast.

Master’s Degree in Sports Journalism

On air performance is stressed using voice development techniques. Professor will identify strengths and weaknesses and assign exercises for correction or improvement. The course examines the definition of news with emphasis on research, writing and creative presentation.

The craft of interviewing will be studied to provide the students with an ability to ask proper questions according to industry standards.

  • Students will learn basic audio and video production skills that will enable them to function as announcers and crew members at the College radio and TV facilities. Weekend work at the radio or TV stations is a required component of the course.
  • Carret icon Overview A sports journalist is on top of the action. If you want to study this exciting field, Quinnipiac is the place to do it.
  • The minimum total of credit hours required for this degree is Mass Communications.
  • You'll be able to take your degree to an internship at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco like Celeste did.

Students will also learn policies and procedures of a working newsroom and be introduced to methods of following current events. BRJR Broadcast Newswriting 2 An introduction to broadcast news writing with attention paid to storytelling with objectivity, balance, simplicity and brevity.

Students write stories based on news value, with attention paid to content, simple language, the 5 W's Who, What, Where, When and Why and writing in the active form. ECON Canadian Economy 3 This course is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the operation of the Canadian economy.

Basic economic theories will be studied and then used to examine current economic issues that students will be reporting on.

POLI Canadian Politics 1 3 This course will introduce students to the ideas and concepts that are crucial to understanding politics.

Students will learn to employ the correct terminology and identify the key players in their coverage of the Canadian political scene. Level 2 Gen Ed - Take a 3 credit General Education elective course Take all of the following Mandatory Courses: COMM Communications for Media 3 This course, designed for students who plan to work in the field of media, focuses on professional written and verbal communication skills.

Students learn to prepare a variety of work-related documents. In addition, students learn about research methods and documentation formats.

The principles of effective writing - organization, grammar, style, clarity, and tone - are reinforced throughout the course. We will also discuss the specific of beat reporting including how the various news 'beats' differ, the role of the reporter and the assignment editor, municipal government, police, fire and emergency services, covering organized labour, reporting on the courts, covering the senior levels of politics, medical and science reporting, education, business, entertainment.

We will discuss new techniques such as writing your own material, criteria for selecting a story line-up, including demographical information, the use of tape, both locally produced and CanadianPress audio. This course also covers aspects of law relating directly to the needs of journalists including an analysis of the Canadian Legal System, laws relating to libel, contempt of court, journalists privilege, freedom of the media, freedom of information and law surrounding the election act.

Student will also learn how to keep a daily log of duties for future use. Students will also work as a team member on a half hour news program. Course also includes a current events component as well as a guest speaker series to connect the student with important industry partners. Student will be familiar with the equipment used by the broadcast journalist in the field and in the newsroom through hands on application.

BA (Hons) Sports Business & Sports Broadcasting

The craft of interviewing will beemphasized along with production techniques fornews stories and radio documentaries. Studentsare introduced to industry standards in allaspects of news. Writing news stories for the ear and writing news in broadcast style and for web content with attention paid to objectivity, balance and simplicity.

Students are required to select and recognize news stories on the basis of news value with attention paid to content. BRJR Multi-Media Journalism 3 An introduction to the combined use of audio, visual and text content for online storytelling and audience interaction.

The student studies cross-platform journalism and learns practical skills used in a converged newsroom. This course is team taught. Students produce news stories for wwwthex. Students will be able to tell stories across a number of media platforms.

Broadcast Journalism College Degree Programs

Students are also part of a team producing midday and weekend programming. Students will be selected on a rotating basis to anchor midday current affairs show as part of the noon newscast.

Attention is paid to storytelling with objectivity, balance, simplicity the 5 W's, active language and clarity.

Sports Communication College Degree Programs

Students are required to produce stories for broadcast on Continued emphasis will be placed on active writing for broadcast, proper grammar, and taking further steps towards an industry standard in newswriting. Students produce news stories for www.

Students will be selected on a rotating basis to anchor midday current affairs shows as part of the noon newscast. Attention is paid to storytelling with objectivity, the five W's, active language and clarity. The student continues to learn how to write news for websites with emphasis on readability, headlines, leading with the latest, attribution, legally safe and correct facts, spelling, grammar, punctuation.

Sports Communication (B.A.)

Students operate four broadcast properties in Fanshawe College's School of Contemporary Media building, which is equipped with the latest in broadcast facilities. The program offers practical, hands-on training with live on-air performances on the College broadcast properties e.

Fanshawe College has an agreement with Radio Fanshawe Inc. X-FM to provide "student staff" and services 24 hours a day from the beginning of September to May, continuously.

Students will be assigned to work on the broadcast properties during holidays and weekends on a rotational basis. The cost of the laptop is included in the General Expenses stated in the Fee Schedule.

Students should not purchase a laptop computer or software until the College publishes the recommended configuration, models, software titles and versions for that academic year.

Students seeking information and help with software or hardware will find the answers to their questions, and solutions by accessing The IT Service Desk, Room E; via e-mail; helpdesk fanshawec.

Learning Outcomes The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to: 1. Program Pathways For information about Program Pathways visit www. Share this Program.

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