Places To Watch Football In Dc

Friday, January 10, 2020 6:59:55 PM

The best sports bars in Washington, D. There are not just a handful of gems hidden throughout the city, they're all good. Sports places to watch football in dc in D. Whether you're looking for a local bar that celebrates your college team on Saturdays or just give you a slice of another city, the district has it all. But, there are some that stand out above the rest.

Where to Watch Your Favorite College Football Team in DC

I am a Chicago Bears fan. I own a Chicago Bears s Starter Jacket. I tend to have to leave my house to watch any game.

Washington Sports Bars: 10Best Sport Bar & Grill Reviews

This is not a comprehensive list of every bar to watch the Super Bowl in D. There are more than bars in and near D.

Australian Rules Football grand final TV viewing help

This is a list compiled by the one person in the BYT office that cares about all major American sports and does not consider himself a douchebag sorry about writing in the third person. This list of places will hopefully make you feel comfortable rooting for either team or any commercial.

It felt like watching a Chicago Bears game in an overseas bar. A handful of fans scattered throughout the bar were paying attention and the rest of the people were enjoying their drinks. And darts. I like that they have darts.

The Pro Bowl was on.

Football Watching Parties

No one gives a shit about the Pro Bowl. But they do have free pool and whether or not you care if Peyton makes slightly more money or Cam makes slightly more money, you can play free pool!

Also, it may be the best looking regular bar in D.

I did not go to ChurchKey, one of the best bars in the world, to watch the Slam Dunk Contest, but it was on so I stayed and watched and it was great. The Hawks lost to the Kings in a heartbreaking overtime game.

Best Sports Bars in Washington DC: Where to Watch and Drink on Game Day

Even after this heartbreak, I had a good time at the bar. The top floor has the TVs. Watch the whatever game and then run to the basement. The basement will keep you safe from the Super Bowl. Stupid fire. Meridian Pint 11th St NW Large enough to comfortably enjoy the company you came with and large enough to hide from the company you came with.

10 DC Sports Bars and Restaurants to Watch Football

A fantastic beer selection and proximity to The Coupe makes it a relatively safe bet. Go while you can. A big pro for some, a big con for others. We were watching a Blackhawks game at The Pug.

It was funny and cruel and the bartender chuckled so it was worth it. Watch sports in an H Street bar.

Metro Washington Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association

I was lucky enough to host the opening night of Bentzen Ball at the Club. The first thing I did after exiting the Club was head next door to the Satellite Room to watch the end of the Bears game. The bar was packed, the bar is always packed after sold-out Club shows, yet I was able to comfortably watch the end of the game.

The TVs are placed high enough that everyone that wants to watch can watch and everyone else can ignore the sports. No frills in the best way. Share the love:.

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