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Friday, August 30, 2019 3:16:52 PM

Reflecting on the opening match, Indian skipper Rani asserted india vs england hockey match today live streaming and said that the pressure will be on England and not on the Indian side. We have done well against England before and we will carry the confidence of doing well in our recent tournaments including the CWG where we had tasted victory against England in the Group Stage in Gold Coast. We will go into the match with the belief that we can beat them," Rani said. She further said that the Indian team should only make sure that they don't make silly mistakes as it did in the Bronze Medal match at the Commonwealth Games CWG.

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FIH Hockey World Cup Team India schedule, matches and LIVE updates

This year, there are 16 nations who have qualified and will be fighting for the World Cup Title. When is the World Cup?

During the first week of the tournament, you can expect either 4 matches per day. Other than those days, there will be 2 matches a day. Where is it? The venue is very near to where the Riverbank Arena was situated at the London Olympics.

Video: Hockey World Cup Watch England live

The stadium is inside the community-oriented Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, in all its entertaining and elegant splendor. How Will the Event Be Structured?

The winners of these pools gain a spot in the Quarter Final, while the 2ndand 3rd places in each pool move on to the cross-over matches. Be prepared for some intense playing during these games! Here is the list of pools and their fierce contenders for the gold!

This team will have the home field advantage, creating ample opportunity for this victorious bunch to prove unbeatable.

Who Won it Last Time? Only four countries have ever won the World Cup.

England Belgium: men's hockey World Cup semi

Netherlands won the title seven times, while Argentina, Germany, and Australia have each won the title twice. These are the teams to watch like a hawk! Will Netherlands take home the gold yet again, or find defeat in one its close competitors?

You do have a life to live and responsibilities to tend to, after all. So if you could only watch four games, what would they be? Both teams emanate a great deal of potential and thirst for the win, particularly Argentina considering its third-place victory in the last Cup.

But which team will attain its rightful winning position?

Men's Hockey world Cup LIVE score: France 0

Be sure not to miss this one; it could be a real nail-biter! Will Germany be able to conquer this tough team, or will it ultimately be overcome? What Will it Be Like? You know that Pimms, the British classic, will be served there! Play small games and do virtual reality training sessions with some of the World Cup athletes themselves.

However, do keep in mind that fireworks, flares, explosives, whistles, and air horns will not be permitted.

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Despite this, the venue should provide more than enough rowdy good fun. How to Get Tickets? You will find tickets available in three price categories.

These categories determine where the seat is located: categories A, B, and C. Once you buy a ticket, your access for two-match sessions will be secured. You can purchase your tickets on the FIH website. Order soon, before you run out of time!

How to Get to the Stadium? The infamous London Tube makes it easy to get to the field hockey stadium. Also, there are free spectator shuttles, running on a first come-first serve basis from the Stratford and Stratford international stations on all match days.

These will drop you off at the Fan Center. Further, keep in mind that Fan Central opens at least 90 minutes before the spectator gates to the Arena open. Make sure you meet at the Westfield in Stratford. How to Catch it on TV? You can still keep up on the action.

Where to watch FREE hockey streaming

It encompasses a wide range of historical spots and lovely scenery in London. Click here, for more recommendations compiled from local field hockey players. This will take place in Bhubaneswar, India in the Kalinga Stadium.

Multiple athletes have kindly offered to capture the World Cup from the inside, so follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for the action.

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