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Thursday, October 10, 2019 10:09:05 AM


Welsh Rugby Union

Diretta Inghilterra

In order to promote DMAX channel and his recent acquisition of the rights on the RBS Six Nations rugby championship, I imagined to realize a degrees campaign, involving many different media and trying to get new audience for the channel, in particular the target of an italian man or woman who doesn't know yet very well or at all rugby as sport.

The media involved are: traditional print, tv, web and social. In a particular location dressed like an old Irish pub, the tavern should be the core of the supporters of Italy's dream team.

Here the players would be interviewed by the fans and who can't be there could check the situation by the live streaming on the branded blog of the tavern and partecipate from home.

For this reason I developed differents video promo.

About the first way to see the match from home, I imagined a collaboration with GoPro, with the intention to get the audience the nearest as possibile at the real action of the match, so people can watch replays by the app from a very close perspective.

DMAX will choose the best couple of reporter to comments live the match of the championship, so the audience will have the possibility to choose the kind othe commentary between the official one and the most interesting and fun DMAX's one.

  • As one of the biggest sporting events of the year, if you're anything like me, you can't wait for it to start. This guide will show how you can watch all of the games live from the comfort of your home, if you're in the UK or elsewhere during the tournament which concludes on the 16th March.
  • All eyes are now on the prestigious Player of the Championship award, so cast your vote and make it count.
  • Update: 2 March , Saturday After round 3, it is all to play for with Ireland, England and Wales all still in with a shot.
  • Da quella data le formazioni rugbistiche maschili, femminili e Under 20 si cimenteranno in grandi sfide con la palla ovale fino a domenica 17 marzo.
  • How to watch the Six Nations free online from anywhere How to watch the Six Nations free online from anywhere Interested in streaming the Six Nations tournament online?

On top I developed the whole campaign on the main social profiles of the brand, essential media to communicate directly to the target the new initiatives.

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