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Saturday, November 9, 2019 11:50:15 PM


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  • Highs Winds south mph.
  • We saw over an inch of rain Sunday from the remnants of what was Tropical Storm Nestor here in Baltimore Adding that to the rainfall from last week, we have cut our rainfall deficits nearly in half!
  • We are projecting some delightful autumn weather through Thursday with sunny pleasant days and clear chilly nights. Highs will be in the low 70s today and tomorrow, followed by mid 70s Thursday.
  • PremPlus launched on 18 August , showing 40 pay-per-view Premier League matches.

Today: Showers early, mostly cloudy, windy Temps: Tonight: Clearing skies, winds calm Temps: Wind: W mph Strong winds will continue today and it will be cool for the remainder of he week with temperatures near and below normal.

Any rain should wind down this morning.

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The strongest of the wind will also be this morning, with some gusts of 50 mph possible. Winds of 25 to 45 mph will continue through the day, making it feel colder outside. Clouds will hang for much of the day and hold temperatures down in the 40s to around 50 degrees today.

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Clouds will break up some later on in the day and especially tonight. Winds will calm tonight and temperatures will fall into the mid 30s.

Temperatures will be in the 50s Wednesday afternoon, but colder air will come in behind the clipper.

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It will be cloudy with temperatures in the 40s Thursday, then temperatures drop into the upper 20s Friday morning. There will be more sunshine Friday but temperatures remain in the 40s to around 50 degrees.

A system will move through the Midwest Sunday and likely send clouds into eastern Iowa. The track of the storm is still uncertain and it may lead to rain in the area to end the weekend.

Cooler air moves in to start next week and it will be sunny with temperatures near 50 on Monday. Meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman.

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