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They have two flat screen TVs as well as a giant projector where they watch sports in spanish the games. You can even call ahead of time and let them know which game you want to watch to ensure they have it playing come kickoff. Aside from the perfect multi-screen setup, the food steals the show. El Alamo UruguayRecoleta and Av.


And as a reward, you get to watch sports with Dad.

Sports in Spanish: List, Phrases and Conversations

I'm not allowed to watch sports at home. No tengo permiso para ver deportes en casa. I want to watch sports or even talk to Debra.

Quiero mirar deportes o hasta hablar con Debra. I can't believe you can't even watch sports with me, something you like? I like to watch sports but my life doesn't depend on seeing the game.

To watch sports in Spanish

Me gusta ver los deportes pero mi vida no depende de verlo o no. Floyd Mayweather at his mansion in Beverly Hills getting some snacks before getting comfortable to watch sports on the TV I mean, my husband would rather sit and watch sports.

Digo, mi esposo prefiere sentarse y ver deportes. Don't you guys usually watch sports? You go watch sports. I'll go see the Tintorettos.

Baseball Terms in Spanish

Me deja ver deportes a todas horas. I'm allowed to watch sports, OK?

Spain and Latin America are famous worldwide for their legendary soccer teams.

Cause I'm a guy. Tengo permiso de ver deportes , porque soy hombre. You can also watch sports, just like in every traditional Irish pub while enjoying tapas and beers.

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At the sportsbar, guests can enjoy a cold drink and watch sports on one of the 9 tv-screens. Do we have to watch sports all night'?

We watch sports in Spanish

O-Okay, I know it's not a big deal, really, but I kind of like to watch sports as they happen live. Let's go down to The Clam and drink beer and watch sports. Vamos a La almeja a tomar cerveza y a ver deportes. You can relax with a drink and pizza or enjoy a game of cards, darts and domino, watch sports on the big screen or simply listen to the music.

A big screen to watch sports on.

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Watch sports in Spanish

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I like to watch sports in Spanish

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