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Early history[ edit ] TSN's original logo, used from tsn sports live tv until Although reaching aroundsubscribers, TSN's early years were hindered by its initial status as a premium service, bundled in a high-cost package with movie channels such as First Choice and Superchannelalongside competition with free-to-air sports broadcasts by CBC Television among others. Mike Day, producer of TSN's daily sports news program SportsDesk lamented about the shift to basic cable and the larger audience it would bring, commenting that "one night you're doing a news show that potentially has an audience of one million people, and the next day the potential is five million people. TSN's coverage, along with the recent " Punch-up in Piestany " incident and a strong performance by Canada at the tournament in the mids, helped to significantly heighten the profile of the tournament in the country even more so than in other participating countriesto the point that it is, alongside U. Labatt's broadcasting assets were sold to a privately held consortium named NetStar Communications, the investors of which included a number of Canadian firms as well as ESPN Inc.

Watch the Canada Winter Games on TSN, RDS and

What is TSN GO and how do I use it? : How to use TSN GO on my computer

This announcement came as part of up front week where all the Canadian networks present their content lineups to the ad agencies. So here is a walkthrough of both apps and comparing it to some of the other sports offerings for cordcutters. When you open the app you'll get a basic home screen that shows you all the TSN feeds TSN as well as some 'Bonus' feeds showing you what is on.

You can click on any of these and then start watching the live broadcast.

  • Most cord-cutters have found ways to keep watching their favourite shows, or they simply gorge on movie downloads and streaming services like Netflix.
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  • English Premier League soccer is set to not have a home on traditional Canadian TV for the first time in at least two decades. It added NFL broadcasts a year ago, though that was hardly a smooth launch.

There is no option to rewind to the start of a broadcast though and of course you can't fast forward either. You also can't pause the broadcast. When you scroll down you'll see a guide that shows you what is on each channel throughout the day. You can't click on any of this and no description of the programming is available.

This is the odd part of the app. For one the fact that you can't select any of these options makes it sort of useless. So you can't click on any of the current events to just jump into the feed and you can't click on any of the upcoming events to get a description.

Perhaps this will evolve over time but right now both the TSN and RDS apps are so bare bones compared to other similar sports apps which is odd since they are launching this two full years after Sportsnet launched their service.

From that standpoint the app just feels rushed and completely primitive. You can also use your existing cable credentials to log into the app, as long as you have TSN as part of your current cable package.

For both options you are redirected to use a browser url and enter a unique code generated by your device and then enter your cable credentials or your TSN account info. It's a fairly simple process and standard for these kind of apps.

Live events on TSN 2, Malta

You can't subscribe directly through iTunes though which means that if you want to manage your subscription you have to go to TSN's website to cancel rather than being able to unsubscribe through the Apple TV or any IOS device.

The home screen will show you all the RDS feeds. Below it is the same guide. The sign up process is the same as well.

Where to watch, stream or hear NFL Draft coverage in Canada

From a performance standpoint both apps do what they promise. I was able to watch a few matches from the French Open with no issues. The big test for new streaming services like this though is when there is a big event that everyone wants to watch at the same time and both TSN and RDS haven't had to face that issue yet.

Sportsnet Now was launched in March of , so it's taken Bell more than two years to launch a competitive offering at the same price level. It's worth noting though that the TSN app lacks a few things that the Sportsnet app has.

First off even if you don't subscribe to the Sportsnet app you can at least watch all the clips and highlights you want.

The same experience you would get on their website or mobile app. The Sportsnet app also allows you to sort content to watch by league, team and show although there is limited on demand content there, mostly clips and highlights.

This brings up my biggest complaint about both of these apps. They are great for watching sports live, but they both offer zero real content on demand. If you look at any of the league streaming services you get every game live and on demand.

So if you miss a game or if you are a fan of something like the English Premiere League who's games are on and odd times due to the time difference you can catch up and watch the game whenever you want.

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  • Overview of the TSN GO app

Having more choice in Canada is great, but the Canadian offerings have been slow to develop and over priced for what you get. The biggest win for any cord cutter is at any given time you can choose to subscribe to whatever you want.

This buffet table of choice is what we preach to our cord cutter clients all the time.

TSN, Sportsnet losing English Premier League Canadian broadcast rights

Try out any of these services and switch them on and off as you see fit. For now though you can get more bang for your buck with other services. For most people it will come down to what content is on each service. Sportsnet broadcasts most Blue Jay games, but for people who are baseball fans I would suggest that the MLB service is a better option.

TSN and Sportsnet both split the rights for NHL games depending on the team and region so this is where it can get costly for cord cutters. Until then you are better off spending your money elsewhere. Want to talk to us about CuttingTheCableCord and how to watch sports cable free?

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