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The music is once again by Yuki Kajiura. It was released in Japan on February 18, The sword art online ordinal scale last boss fight is an interquel taking place between Mother's Rosario and Alicization light novel arcs. Our heroes soon join the game, only to find out that the game isn't just simply a game, and their pasts are all related to the game of Ordinal Scale itself. Advertisement: See the recap page for a more detailed recap.

Sword Art Online (TV Series

As such, the film anticipates that its viewers will be familiar with the characters and the basic concepts of the world in which they live.

Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale Review

Good for seeing shooting stars. Now, in , the latest reality-altering technology is taking over Japan. One of the biggest selling points for the Augma is that it works when the user is conscious, allowing them to experience AR while living day to day life. Examples include using it to enhance exercise at the gym by taking away the treadmill and replacing it with a giant stone boulder chasing you.

No new reality-altering technology is complete with an accompanying game designed specifically for it, and the Augma is no exception.

Almost identical in theme to the fantasy-styled VR games before it, but combining gun options as well, the Augma enables players to arm themselves anywhere they find a monster and engage it in combat.

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An added incentive to attract participants is the seemingly endless ability to earn coupons or free gifts of all types by playing mini-games or earning points. Though presented as a mere AI, there is a constant rumor that YUNA, too, is a player — or at least somehow being portrayed by a human behind the scenes — as her behavior and mannerisms are too realistic.

Liz balks at the idea that he of all people would say such a thing, prompting the conversation to turn around to all the benefits of the new Augma devices. Pointing out all the cool coupons and other points, which can later be converted into monetary earnings, that are available.

As well as the more obvious fact that thanks to the Augma they can all more freely interact with Yui, and Yui can interact with them even in their world. Liz glances at her screen to see it warn her that her cheesecake is unhealthy, confirming his words. The answer is clearly not a popular one among his present company.

Silica fails to resist and breaks into song and dance, drawing a crowd. Continuing through the mall, the conversation turns to the new game, Ordinal Scale. A game which, surprisingly, Kirito has very little interest in.

The girls have been playing since receiving their Augmas, but Kirito has put minimal effort into it and mostly been sticking to VR gaming. But someone mentions a rumor that at a recent, last-minute Ordinal Scale boss battle the boss itself was a monster from SAO.

They would need a vehicle to get there on time. Upon hearing this, Kirito immediately turns and begins an attempt to tiptoe quietly away. That night Kirito pulls up to the site of the expected boss battle with Asuna behind him on his motorcycle. Klein and the rest of his guild, the Fuurinkazan, are coincidentally standing nearby and greet them jovially.

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Klein was just impressed she got Kirito to join them at all. Knowing the time is near, Asuna and Kirito pull out the handheld piece accompanied with the headgear of the Augma and activate the Ordinal Scale interface.

The associated AR takes over, altering their perception of their clothing and surroundings, and turning the handhelds into their weapons of choice. A towering, skeletal samurai with two blades. The boss from the dungeon in Floor 10, Kagachi the Samurai Lord.

But Kirito and the others barely have time to process that the rumor was true before YUNA arrives, landing on the edge of a high bridge somewhere behind Kagachi and declaring the battle a special event. Her presence offers the players boosts, increasing their fighting abilities, and as soon as she begins to sing the monster attacks.

Kagachi makes short, brutal work of the long-range gunmen who, upon defeat, admit to themselves they would never have the nerve to fight a monster like that up close anyway.

Then he starts taking out the ground support, simultaneously confirming that he is, in every way, the boss monster from Floor Kirito agrees to go in with her, silently noting that his body feels sluggish and heavy.

But he ignores it, takes a firm grip of his sword, and runs in to attack. With his focus zeroed in on the enemy he makes one slight miscalculation, his toes catch on an uneven lift in the concrete and he crashes unceremoniously to the ground.

Asuna runs up, knocking the monster back for a moment. They attack again but Kirito is easily knocked back.

Up above, hidden in the shadows, another player watches the fight, studying the players and their patterns.

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Their synchronicity is impressive. On the battlefield, an unnamed player choosing to appear as a type of feline pulls out a rocket launcher styled weapon in an attempt to be the one to kill the Samurai Lord.

The player previously hiding in the shadows leaps out, effortlessly neutralizing the attack before going on the offensive and landing a crippling blow on Kagachi.

Plot In the year , the Augma is released to the public as an alternative system to the AmuSphere, due to its function to simulate reality while the player is conscious rather than using FullDive.

When the dust settles his player rank is revealed and everyone is in awe to learn that this man is No. Kagachi rises once more and Asuna rushes forward to land the killing blow. As she passes No.

Despite her surprise, Asuna lands a perfect strike and Kagachi is finally defeated. The players quickly dissipate after that, with Kirito, Asuna, and the Fuurinkazan lingering for a few minutes.

Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale (Anime)

Asuna is quietly scrolling the player rankings, searching for the identity of No. Asuna laughingly assures him she will while Kirito glares at Klein. He follows the markers around a corner and into an abandoned parking garage before spotting No.

Assuming the other player is there for the prize, the Fuurinkazan member draws his massive sword and promises No. Klein laments his lack of ability to acquire a ticket for himself, as does Leafa. Agil boasts that he managed to score a couple for himself moments before Sinon more quietly states she has a pair as well.

She has kendo training camp out of town.

Resurrection of the Black Swordsman

Wishing her good luck at camp he heads upstairs and does some reading on Touto Institute of Technology, the same school Kayaba Akihiko once attended. He learns one of the professors is the inventor of the Augma. Eventually, he gets tired and logs into ALfheim Online, meeting up with Asuna in the cabin.

Yui confirms that VR logins everywhere have been drastically reduced since the introduction of the Augma.

  • There are discounts from a major online retailers and access to premiere tickets. There are exclusive shopping sites, and even a coupon for a free extra-large beef bowl.
  • You see, Ordinal Scale is not the first anime film to have received a one night only special premiere in select theaters around the U. News of the event surfaced several months before the film graced auditorium screens nationwide.
  • The game is set in the real world, and players can increase their rank by gathering items that appear in various places of the real world, or by defeating monsters. Higher-ranked players are granted overwhelming power and this is commonly a major factor in deciding the outcome of Player versus Player PvP battles.
  • For the past few years, there will always be at least one Anime that would come out every year that would be treated as the biggest thing ever by the fan community and then also derided at the same time for being complete mainstream rubbish that is in fact, killing the industry. This has been one of the most divisive series in Anime in recent memory.
  • Sword Art Online is one of those overly popular anime series that found international success.
  • This particular reviewer only knows the basic concept of the show, can visually recognise a few of main characters based upon artwork seen on the internet and, as a Yuki Kajiura fan, has a few pieces of music from the series on my iPod, but that is it.

Leading some, including Kirito and Asuna, to worry about the future of virtual reality. She climbs from the bath to prepare and rushes over, finding Klein and most of the Fuurinkazan waiting just outside the designated area. YUNA makes another appearance to sing for them, providing the players with special bonuses.

She takes command of the battlefield, running around and giving orders to the players based on player and weapon type. The Storm Griffin makes a final, desperate rampage, startling the others, but Asuna is ready and tears it apart with a single, perfectly aimed strike.

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