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Tuesday, January 28, 2020 10:46:17 AM

On Tuesday ratings fell again, dropping toviewers, and the overnight ratings for Wednesday suggest viewership will fall once more, to aroundviewers. But, to be fair, it was a great episode. And that failure to build an audience carries through all day long, resulting in sports talk show on tv ratings viewership throughout the entire programming schedule. Worst of all, in the final kick in the balls from the high priest of WokeCenter, the cocaine addled and fired for being extorted by a woman John Skipper, the ratings calamity for mornings on ESPN is actually a three ring circus of burning buildings.

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What separates the two metrics, and what they each mean to advertisers and content producers. In the media and advertising businesses, few metrics are as important as ratings and shares.

NFL and its TV partners are hoping to score more ratings increases

That's because the two terms nail down the popularity of a piece of content such as a television show or radio broadcast. But ratings and shares each tell a different story about the success — or failure — of that media to reach a sufficiently broad audience.

Ratings A TV show's rating refers to the number of households who tuned in to watch the content -- as a percentage of the entire population of TV-equipped homes. In other words, the show reached roughly one-fifth of all U.

Contrast that situation with a retailer like Target, who is aiming to draw as many customers as it can to a limited-time event like a Black Friday sale.

Here, the company might be especially interested in shows that carry high share numbers during the few days leading up to the sales event.

Even if that time period isn't one that typically corresponds to huge numbers of Americans watching TV, the company can still aim to reach the highest share of the population that's actually tuning in at the critical time immediately preceding its sale date.

How do television ratings work?

Of course, content producers love to see high numbers for both ratings and shares. And that's why the most valuable type of content are often event-driven broadcasts that convince millions of people to turn on the TV. Sports fall in this category — think of the Super Bowl or Olympic Games, which have broadcasters bid hundreds of millions of dollars for the rights to show them.

Compelling news can also drive ratings and share figures through the roof. The moon landing, for example, attracted an estimated half a billion viewers around the world.

  • The two biggest hits radio suffers during ongoing cost cuts are off-air promotion and local news. Read it here.
  • Williams' decision to replace Rich Lord and Mike Meltser with a revamped lineup that includes former NFL quarterback Clint Stoerner and former Atlanta talk show host Rick Kamla is among the more decisive moves in the annals of Houston sports talk. Now it's up to listeners to determine whether it will be remembered as one of the wiser moves as well.
  • The network has found its stride during the past year, however, with executives showing patience in trying to let things develop.
  • On Jan. Successful studio shows are vital to the financial health of cable TV sports networks, which have to work harder than ever to justify their value to consumers and the cable and satellite providers that fill media conglomerate coffers with subscriber-generated revenue.
  • The list is not just judging the shows on their NFL content, as many things have occurred in the past 12 months outside of the NFL.

And in the U. So, not only were a record number of people watching television on that July day, but of the homes with TV's turned on, nearly all of them were viewing that event unfold.

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