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I sports olympics live stream wish they had more recordings of recent events like the curling event or the table tennis test for Tokyo Take the review, stupid Apple! The World Beach Games, for example. The app is also perfect for worldwide sports news that is also usually hard to find.

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The Olympic Games are on the way with Japan set to host the 29th edition of the modern games. Advertisement Over 11, competitors from nations will descend on Tokyo in to aim for glory in their respective fields.

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Updated August 08, The Summer Olympics is one of the biggest events in sports, coming around every four years like clockwork, and NBC has the broadcasting rights again in If you haven't cut the cord, and you have a valid cable subscription, or you can borrow one, you can also stream the full event through the NBC Sports website.

The player will load, and Olympics coverage will be play if any event or other programming is currently live.

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NBC Sports only allows you to watch a short live preview by default. Users with valid cable or satellite subscriptions can remove this time limit. Select your cable or satellite provider.

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Log into your cable or satellite account. If you provide valid login information, the time limit will be removed, and you'll be able to watch the entire event.

Since the NBC Sports website only provides a short free trial viewing period, this isn't a good method for cord-cutters. For a longer trial, look at services like Hulu or fuboTV. The best way for cord-cutters to stream the Olympics is through an internet streaming service.

These services provide television access that's a lot like cable, except you stream live television through the internet.

To use one of these services, you need a computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, or a compatible smart TV, and a high speed internet connection. Each of these streaming services has signed deals with networks and TV stations, which allows them to broadcast live television.

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That's why you get access to a live NBC stream on some services, and others only provide you with on-demand pre-recorded content from NBC. Availability is based on your physical location, and whether or not any given service has made a deal with your local NBC affiliate.

If it isn't available in your area, try a different one.

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PlayStation Vue : This streaming service works very well for PlayStation 4 users, but you can also watch it on your computer, phone, or streaming device. It has decent coverage for NBC. Sling TV : NBC is only available in select major markets through this service, but it's a very affordable option if your area is covered.

If you decide to use one of the services above, know that they all have apps as well.

How to Live Stream the Summer Olympics Free in

Check out our individual reviews of each service for more information about their respective apps. Watching an Olympics Online Stream on Mobile, Streaming Devices and Consoles In addition to streaming through a web browser on your computer, you can also stream the Olympics on your phone, tablet, streaming device, and even game console if you have the right app.

NBC Sports has apps for most major devices, but you still need a valid cable or satellite subscription to log in.

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