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Friday, September 27, 2019 1:07:36 AM


New Star Soccer Hacked (Nowa Gwiazda Piłkarska)

The basic arcade game is free and very simple.

New Star Soccer Hack Cheat Starbucks NRGBolt Online Generator for {iOS

The object is to score as many goals as you can while more obstacles - defensive walls, high winds and so on - are put in your way. You drag an arrow to aim your shot then tap on a football to determine the height and degree of spin.

A 69p in-app purchase on iPhone and iPad will upgrade you to career mode and this is where the fun really starts.

Soccer Stars Hack Mod

You take over the life of a footballer. You still have to score goals, as in the arcade mode, but now you have to use your wages to upgrade skills, buy boots and build your relationship with your teammates and manager.

As you get better, clubs will bid for you and you can increase your wages by moving up.

Complicating matters is the need put aside some of your wages for lifestyle items - mobile phones, cars, even houses. Better houses will help you maintain your fitness, while lifestyle items will help you get a girlfriend, which will boost your happiness and help you to play better.

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  • You will see that you will like it very much. As you know this game is all about playing football.

You can even visit the casino if you want but be prepared for your reputation to take a knock if you are seen gambling too much. The game becomes about managing your resources in a bid to build your skills while keeping everyone happy.

It's a classic 'just one more turn' game that keeps you playing for hours. Related Articles.

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