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Friday, November 15, 2019 1:24:48 PM

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James E. Taylor High School


Installations , Clients As the football season approaches, schools around the country are gearing up for the upcoming season. Everyone knows Texas is serious about its football, and they carry over that same mentality into the technology that supports its football programs.

Katy ISD Football Games to Air on KUBE

MSG had the pleasure of helping Saginaw High School upgrade their video production system in time for the upcoming football season. The upgrade included cleaning up the video production space and housing all equipment in a floor standing equipment rack.

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Having all the gear located in one place helps with wiring, troubleshooting equipment, and allows the school to utilize all countertop and desk space. JVC cameras were added to replace their analog cameras, as well as a new MSG wireless video solution to capture all the action around the stadium.

A big addition to the upgrade was a second clips server to playback video clips and graphics to the video board. A NewTek TriCaster was added to achieve this goal.

The TriCaster has two powerful clip engines and endless graphic playback solutions built right in. Not only will the TriCaster handle clips and graphics, but will also give Saginaw the ability to stream and record their production.

Demand for web content is constantly increasing, so this is a great solution to meet that demand.

  • The team has made it to the playoffs every year except twice since , advancing to the state's final four teams nine times and winning the championship four of those years.
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  • Joshua Koch Oct 04, Bronson McClelland will miss the next two games and has been removed as one of the captains for the Katy football team effective immediately. Not because of injury but due to video surfacing after a victory over Tompkins of him using a derogatory racial slur.
  • The varsity football team is ranked second in Texas.

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