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You have questions, we have answers. Let your space stand out from the competition and inviting to i love to watch you play volleyball necklace clients. Let us understand your vision and bring your space to life. Let our experienced team of Plant Technicians keep your plant friends healthy and looking great. Impress your guests and competitors with designs unique to your facility and stunning to everyone who sees them.

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Dinsmore, a former camper who disliked spending summers at the camp, finds multiple safety violations and threatens to close the camp if she finds one more safety hazard.

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Meanwhile, the camp is preparing to hold an annual party in the mess hall that includes the campers giving speeches on what they like most about the camp.

However, Finn decides not to give a speech because of a fear of public speaking.

In the mess hall, Emma unknowingly applies expired frosting to a cake which is then served to the campers. When Ravi realizes the mistake, he and the others try to retrieve each piece of cake before consumption.

Meanwhile, Matteo and Destiny stage a fake fight, hoping to get the speeches cancelled so Finn will not have to speak.

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As Dinsmore is about to eat a piece of the cake, Ravi rushes to retrieve it and knocks her over, after which she declares that the camp will be closed.

Finn pleads for Dinsmore to reconsider her decision, and explains to her what he likes about the camp.

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After Dinsmore learns how much Finn likes his camp friends, she decides to give the camp another month to fix the safety hazards. Matteo and Destiny help Finn realize that he saved the camp and conquered his fear of public speaking by explaining what he likes about the camp.

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