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He's how to fight orcanos in yo kai watch 2 to be the strongest oni but Gargaros easily outclasses him. Not so much Ogralus Enough about them imma get to get to the real reason I'm making this competive-ish guide explaining what he does and adding fun facts about him? Idrk what to call it

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Yo-kai Watch 4 Japan, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 Not to be confused with the action of looking out for the feral monsters called yao guai in the Fallout universe. Although, believe it or not, the names technically have the same meaning and the kanji for yo-kai and yao guai are written the same way yao guai is the Cantonese pronunciation for yo-kai.

Tropes used in this series: Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal : Some Yo-kai wear things from their life, like Venoct's shawl and every cat yo-kai's collar.

The anime, however, wound up using the original theme song instead, but switched back to the game theme as of the TV broadcast of episode Starting with Blasters, the games switched to direct translations of the Japanese themes.

Americasia : Springdale, at least in the English localization. It still is heavily Japanese but is treated as an American town. Ancestral Weapon : Sort of.

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While the first Yo-kai Watch the player gets isn't the Model Zero - they get that in YKW2, fresh off their granddad's childhood workbench - the Watch is the overall invention of the chosen player character's grandfather and was designed, first and foremost, to help fight Wicked-tribe Yo-kai.

Notably, the 2D avatar for Nate looks more different than his 3D model. May cross into Off-Model territory. Badass Adorable : Jibanyan and Shogunyan and the rest of Jibanyan's variants are obvious examples, but several Yo-kai can count for this. Bland-Name Product : Yopple, Inc. Bonus Boss : Gargaros the red oni can be fought when Terror Time arrives, though he is very strong and it is not recommended for players to fight him until the epilogue rolls around.

Players can fight Ogralus the blue oni after defeating Gargaros, and defeating Ogralus allows players to fight Orcanos the black oni.

Duwheel can be found in the Abandoned Tunnels. However, players need to upgrade their watch to Rank A to access the eastern part of the Tunnels to find the rest of the materials that allow them access to the boss. Chirpster can be fought in the first game after a lengthy series of sidequests in the Abandoned Mansion, setting up a party for the Yo-kai there.

Almost every main boss from the first game can be fought in the second one as an optional encounter. Plus, some of them can be befriended in special Fun Size versions after the fact.

Breaking the Fourth Wall : Whisper does this on occasion. Most notably, when the player unlocks the ability to go fight Duwheel, he notes that the player is bound to find some big, impressive treasure soon, because they just completed a lengthy sidequest and "that's how video games work!

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In Yo-Kai Watch, there's a bit of an inversion in that Jibanyan is clearly a cat but Komasan the Komainu guardian dog also kind of looks like a kitten.

In the second game, you can even see them planning their wedding outside the local preschool. The former uses the opening theme video while the latter has Nate and several Yo-Kai appear to cheer the player on. A cross-promotional collaboration with Square Enix has lead to several Yo-Kai appearing as pets in Final Fantasy XIV along with corresponding weapons for each, as well as the titular watch.

Cute Kitten : Jibanyan, the Yo-kai based on the nekomata. He also doubles as the Series Mascot. Cute Monster Girl : Oodles. Damona Hyakkihime and Blizzaria Fubukihime are probably the most obvious standouts, though being just literally girls in cute kimonos and sandals who share a model mesh , as well as the classic yuki-onna, called Frostina here and who is just a cute girl in a warm coat and hooded cloak with pastel ice colors here, as opposed to the semi-murderous temptress of myth.

Defeat Means Friendship : Unlike the anime, the standard method of recruitment for a Yo-Kai is to beat them silly and then they'll befriend you, but there are exceptions.

Dude Looks Like a Lady : Plenty of Yo-kai, like Cupistol and Shmoopie, look very pink and feminine, but are explicitly referred to as male. Taken Up to Eleven with Casanuva, who has long pink hair, girly clothes, and long eyelashes If they're not chicken nuggets, slices of bacon, hamburgers, or misplaced literary references.

They also happen to be called Merican Yo-Kai. Further exemplified by the fact that Indy Jaws wears a fedora just like Indiana Jones, Steve Jaws is a tech expert and the founder of a tech company just like Steve Jobs and Mark Ockerberg wears the exact same outfit and has the same hairstyle as Mark Zuckerberg.

Game Hunting Mechanic : Similar to the fishing in the game, caught bugs can be traded for items at the Jungle Hunter, and be used to fulfill certain side quests.

What makes it harder for players is that one of these Legendary Yo-Kai was summoned by super rare Palette Swap Yo-Kai that could only be won from the Crank-a-kai which used rare items in the game to win, which either came from chance or a weekly free download. Yo-Kai Watch 2 made this even harder by having two Legendary Yo-Kai that were summoned from these rare coin Yo-Kai, and by splitting them up into ones that could only be won from a machine in the present timeline and another from a past timeline, as well as between game versions.

Guilt-Based Gaming : If you reject a Yo-kai's friendship, the game will make sure to make you feel bad for it. Heartbroken, insert Yo-kai's name slinks away from you.

Huge Schoolgirl : One of your classmates, Natalie, is a very tall and fairly pudgy girl. In the Japanese version, she was even shown as going as briefly going on a dangerous diet to try and be "glamorous," but this was toned down in the English version to her just being dangerously obsessed with celebrities.

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Iris Out : Every episode in the game ends with a Whisper-shaped iris closing out on someone. There are variations in the second game, including Hovernyan's head and the Charming tribe Symbol. Karakasa : Yo-Kai Watch 2 introduces the traditional Karakasa-obake, named Pallysol in the English dub, in Chapter 6 of the game, and also has the two-legged Brokenbrella, which was a modern umbrella unhappily discarded by its owner after storm winds turned it inside out.

Both of these are Rank E wind elementals. Kirin : There are two yokais based off of the mythological kirin, Unikirin — a black kirin with a mane of bluish clouds and a unicorn's horn — and Kyryn — a blue and red kirin with a mane of orange clouds, long whiskers and straight, backward-pointing brown horns.

Both are part of the Heartful tribe and have the Restoration attribute — meaning that their attacks do not deal damage, but instead heal allies — and their sprites show them Flying on a Cloud. Large Ham : Dame Dedtime. There's hardly anything at stake. The video games have the player preventing various evil Yo-Kai, who have been manipulating events behind the scenes, from taking over or doing terrible damage to the human world.

However, the player still finds time to prevent some simply mischievous Yo-Kai from causing problems. And you still stop the "bad" Yo-Kai, even the final bosses, from ever doing anything really dangerous.


When compared to the ghost-related games like those in Survival Horror games, this series is more kid-friendly.

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