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More than stores strong, Champs Sports offers prime opportunities for entry-level job seekers and career champs sports application online job employment form alike. Specializing in athletic wear, the company prefers to hire aspirants with previous knowledge of sports and sports-branded apparel. Candidates from diverse backgrounds may find fitting work hours, as the company hires part-time, full-time, and seasonal workers. Many employees report generous merchandise discounts as well as attractive wages and work benefits. Positions available at store locations remain appropriate for socially adept job hopefuls.

Job Opportunities

Although a bit old-fashioned, handing an application directly to a hiring manager gives job seekers an opportunity to make a good first impression.

Download and print this form to begin a career at Champs Sports. Also, use the site to look for local jobs and access instructions to apply online.

Champs Sports Application PDF Print Out

Why Apply at Champs Sports? As one of the largest athletic retailers in North America, Champs Sports has many locations in malls. Stores offer full-time, part-time, and seasonal jobs.

Entry-level positions, like sales associate, are readily available through submitting an application. Check a box at the beginning to select the correct brand.

Personal Information On the rest of the application, provide basic facts.

This contains name, address, and phone number. Answer the next several questions by marking the appropriate boxes.

Champs Sports Jobs

These regard work eligibility, age, purpose for applying, plus whether seeking full-time, part-time, or seasonal employment. Availability The following chart is for available times and days to work. Fill it in accurately.

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Indicate any past jobs with Champs Sports or its affiliates, specialized Armed Forces training, languages spoken besides English, and felony or theft-related convictions.

Employment History Here, mention the three most recent work experiences. Confirm the company names, addresses, and phone numbers. Salary earned and dates of the job are necessary too.

Be sure to add supervisors and reasons for leaving.

Jobs for Teenagers at Foot Locker

If candidates have any gaps in employment, minus schooling or military deployment, explain those on the back of the application. Educational History There is space for high school, college, and any type of education obtained by the job hopeful.

Detail each, with grades and degrees completed, to finish this section. References Before signing of the application, write in two business references. They ought to be non-relatives known from professional settings. List full contact info, along with occupations and years known.

Champs Sports Application: Canada Jobs & Careers

Completing the Champs Sports Application In the final part of the application form, there are nine points regarding employment. Read them carefully. Once the Champs Sports application is complete, return to a store and hand it in personally.

  • You can find everything from sports equipment, to apparel, to footwear, and even accessories here.
  • A subsidiary of Foot Locker, this US sports retail store sells sports clothing, footwear, accessories, and equipment. The company is not new, however, it has been in operation since the s.
  • Full-time positions access employment benefits like medical insurance programmes, pension schemes, and paid holidays.
  • Its stores carry most important athletic footwear and apparel brands, as well as casual wear and an assortment of apparel designed for a mixture of activities, including running, walking, toning, and fitness.
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