Calallen Football Playoff Game Live

Sunday, December 15, 2019 7:47:33 PM


Greyhounds fall prey to Calallen Wildcats

Austin McCallum vs Corpus Christi Calallen Radio Broadcast

Every single team has more strengths than weaknesses at this point, and every team is more adept at exploiting those small weaknesses. He has the most total wins and playoff wins in Texas High School football history, and has a history of making it to the semifinal round. If Calallen is the old-school, traditional team, then College Station is relatively new-school.

  • While Calallen had to pull off a remarkable comeback in its win over Tivy to advance from regional action, McCallum toppled Alice and is in the midst of a historic season. Watch McCallum vs.
  • This game will be played at the Alamodome meaning it is not exactly a home game for either team.
  • The moment after Angleton's win on Saturday at McCombs Field embodied the kind of sigh of relief that is appropriate once the weight of a year drought has been lifted. The Lady Cats are champions once again, lifting the Class 5A state softball trophy soon after the dogpile.
  • Calallen captured its share — and more — in a convincing victory over Port Lavaca.

It was founded in , meaning that Danaher has been to the semifinals more than twice the amount of years that College Station High has existed.

Marquez Perez has been more than an adequate replacement at the quarterback position, and Josh Donovan has been keeping the rest of the squad healthy from his spot at tackle.

McCallum & Calallen Put Undefeated Seasons On The Line

On defense, the Cougars are more than stout. Linebackers Mark Wagner Anthony Flores have been all over the field, recording ridiculous stats Wagner has total tackles and Flores has 22 tackles for a loss.

The front seven of College Station has been extremely good so far this season, morphing into whatever the team needs it to be in order to shut down the opposition.

The legendary Danaher trying to get into the finals again vs.

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