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Tuesday, December 3, 2019 2:29:13 AM

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Stick Fighting

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Ancient rural sport of stick fighting is now making an impact in Western Cape townships In his autobiography, Nelson Mandela recalls growing up with stick fighting Competitors are armed with two sticks and protection for head and hands Hundreds of people turn up to watch competitions that can go on for hours Cape Town, South Africa CNN -- Before there was football, before cricket, or rugby, there was stick fighting.

The ancient martial art called "intonga" has been practiced in rural South Africa for centuries. While it is a rural tradition, it has only recently been introduced to the townships of the Western Cape, where stick fighting contests are already attracting hundreds of spectators.

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In these fast and furious battles of speed and technique, competitors wear a rugby scrum cap to protect their heads and bandages around their hands -- but this offers little protection from an opponent wielding a pair of two-foot sticks. But most who gather to watch intonga look beyond the brutality, preferring to see it as a way of reconnecting with their culture.

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It's a game they know from their fathers and forefathers. It was a very brilliant entertainment in Africa.

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