Winter Sports Tv Schedule

Monday, November 11, 2019 7:47:23 PM

With the FIS calendar winter sports tv schedule released, athletes and fans look forward to an entertaining season. As has been the case in the last several years, the first venue for the first event in October will be the Soelden Glacier.

Winter sports TV schedule released

Complete Skiier Comment 0 There used to be a time when the only coverage of winter sports on national television was Ski Sunday.

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These days, things are very different. That means that as winter sports enthusiasts, we now get a lot more opportunities to watch our favourite events live.

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We did. The best way to find out is to look at a live sports TV guide online.

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That link will take you to the Live Sport Center, which shows 7 day TV listings for every sport, including skiing, snowboarding and all other winter sports events.

So What Changed? There is a lot more airtime to go round now, which means they have the capacity to showcase many sports that would never have got any exposure in the past.

However, cynics would say that they are desperate to fill their schedules, so they need to get hold of the broadcast rights to anything and everything in order to do so. Whatever the reasons, the end result is the same.

  • The bronze medal winning USA-1 team takes off during the four-man bobsled competition at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. ET Friday.
  • South Korean-born Ski Jumping - Ski Jumping medals are determined in the men's individual normal hill.
  • Every Sport, Game, and Channel. One Click.
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  • Action Sports World takes you to the most exciting locations, adventures and events including freeskiing, mountain biking, climbing and a host of other energetic sport disciplines.
  • Additional programming includes digital-first content that is inspiring, entertaining, relevant and accessible to the participating athletes and that appeals to a global audience. Held over 13 days of competition, 1, athletes will compete at Lausanne in 8 sports across 16 disciplines in 81 medal events.

Winter sports fans, and also fans of lots of other niche and minority sports, now get the opportunity to watch their chosen events on TV which a few years ago, they would never have been able to do.

So that has to be a good thing. At the same time, the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang was a huge event that captured attention globally.

Whenever this happens, you always get more interest and a greater uptake from youngsters wanting to try the sports, which in turn leads to a greater demand for TV coverage.

Live Sports TV Listings Guide Winter Sports

Hopefully this will have a lasting effect and lead to more people getting involved with participating in and watching all winter sports in the future. Is It Free? Some sports channels are only available on subscription, but there are plenty that are free. The good news for ski and boarding fans is that more often than not, our sports can be found on the free to air channels.

And more of these are launching around Europe all the time.

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