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While Australia would be desperate for a win to level the four-match Test series. However, the tourists have had their set of watches online live cricket test match india vs australia during the short turnaround time between the Tests as Ravichandran Ashwin is still in doubt for the final game, Rohit Sharma is back in India to be with his wife and newborn daughter, and Ishant Sharma picked up a niggle to be left out of the final

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An army of fans follows the sport religiously, with more than million Indians tuning in to watch when the national side play. From makeshift matches on the street to formal games in cricket grounds, the love of the sport has turned cricket into a multi-billion dollar industry.

With cricket superstars and celebrity endorsements, Indians live and breathe this magical sport. The exponential growth in information technology and increased availability of this technology connects more people than ever before to the game.

This, in turn, means that more and more people around the country are also enjoying betting on cricket games. Cricket Betting This article will discuss all things cricket and cricket betting. You will get the latest information on where to watch cricket streamed live online and where to get the most up-to-date cricket scores.

In addition, a brief background to test matches and the Cricket World Cup for men and women will provide some interesting insights and a little of the history of this great game. This guide will also give you some top tips about how to bet on cricket and maximise your winning chances.

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Information is usually organised by league and tournament and usually breaks down the score according to two elements. The first is the number of runs scored and the second is the number of wickets lost at that time.

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A key consideration when checking live cricket scores is that as the match is in progress, the current score will indicate the current innings. Scores are expressed for the first innings and second innings separately.

The final score expresses the winning margin that includes the number of wickets taken e. India won by 8 wickets. Understanding the most important statistics of the match helps when making bets.

The main statistics to consider are: which teams are playing, where, when and in what series, who won the toss, scores at close of play each day, total score for the batting side and the number of wickets taken.

Two different scorers, as required by the laws of cricket, with one scorer provided by each team, record these scores. Scoring is usually computerised in order to meet the demands of online media and for sportsbooks, who require real-time score information.

Cricket betting tips There are many different kinds of bets that can be made on cricket events.

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The first distinction between wagering types is the pre-match bet and the in-play or live bet. Pre-match bets, as the name suggests, accept bets prior to the start of the match only.

Some believe that this is the safest type of bet, as it will not be altered by the events of the match. However, live betting has become very popular for cricket, which is considered an ideal sport for this form of bet.

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This is because cricket matches take place over a longer period of time than most other sports. Matches range from 4 hours for Twenty20 matches to 5 days for test matches, meaning that there is more time to think about betting opportunities.

Match betting is the simplest type of betting where you bet on which team will win. However, you need to check if there are any payout requirements placed by the bookmaker, such as whether the bet is void if the match is drawn. Series Winner bets are also simple bets where you wager on the winner of the series, such as The Ashes.

India vs Australia live streaming: Watch Cricket World Cup game online and on TV

An Outright Winner bet requires you to bet on which team will win a tournament or a league such as the Indian Premier League. This bet generally has bigger odds and consequently bigger payouts, but is not as easy to predict, as there are several teams to choose from.

If you bet that a cricket match will end in a draw, this is known as Tied Match Betting. People may use this type of bet for test matches as these matches do sometimes end in a draw. There are also bets that you can place on individual cricketers, with the most common being Top Batsman and Top Bowler.

These bets are not so easy to predict, since to win a Top Batsman bet you must guess which player will get the most runs during the match. Similarly, a wager on the Top Bowler means you must predict which bowler takes the most wickets during the innings, match or series.

However, should you win, you could win very big due to the larger odds. The tournament saw TV audience records shattered as approximately 2. This 12th World Cup saw 10 teams competing in a single round-robin group.

England beat Australia in the semis and then competed with New Zealand in a tight match. How to: Read the Odds To bet successfully on cricket, you need to be able to identify betting value.

For example, if Australia are playing India, and the bookmakers give odds of India 1. This is a very useful tool as it helps you better understand in real terms probability, and consequently helps you identify the winners.

There are also other different basic formulas to help you understand which bets are worthwhile wagering and once you have got to grips with them, your chances of winning should improve.

You can find the best cricket odds here. On an individual level, Indian players are amongst the greatest cricket legends. The legendary Sourav Ganguly is the most successful Indian cricket captain.

He notably won Man of the Match awards four consecutive times in One Day International cricket, an unmatched feat. Other world-class players include Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar, both widely regarded as some of the best batsmen in the world.

Another fascinating piece of trivia is Indian wicket keeper, Prabir Sen, of Bengal, who was the only wicket keeper in the world to have stumped the incredible Sir Donald Bradman of Australia.

When was the first cricket test match? The first cricket test match ever played was between England and Australia and took place between the 15th and 19th March The game took place in Melbourne, Australia and saw Australia as the victors, winning the match by 45 runs. A test match was held to celebrate the year anniversary of that first ever cricket test match in Coincidentally, the match was between England and Australia in Melbourne, and finished with the Australians beating the English by exactly the same number of runs as the original match.

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They lost by runs to England and had to wait until for their first test victory. There are currently only 12 countries with test status, with the dates in brackets indicating when they received test status: England Australia , South Africa, West Indies , New Zealand , India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Zimbabwe , Bangladesh , Ireland and Afghanistan Considered a test of physical and mental endurance, test matches usually last 5 days and span 4 innings.

Test cricket has continued to evolve, going from strength to strength over the years. Live Cricket Streaming Many cricket matches are not available on regular commercial television channels.

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