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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 7:15:07 AM

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Sky Sports set to replace At The Races with dedicated channel

Joined: November 01 Posted 19 March - Mr. Murdoch no longer has any interest in Sky television. Though in the past, certainly reluctance to give him your money was a valid reason to avoid Sky. I'm a middle aged, middle class, white Englishman.

Despite reduced prices, Spanish GP sees Sky fail to attract new viewers

I have my reasons for not getting a Sky subscription. And yes, not wishing to pay for something that used to be free is one of them. I have a fundamental dislike of pay-TV on a point of principal. But it's more than that I'd have to first buy Sky Sports, for which I have literally no use, and then another tenner a month on top of that.

Theoretically I could afford it, but frankly I have better things to do with my disposable income.

Sky Sports confirm cheaper deal for F1 fans and release advert

Specifically in the UK, we do not have much of a history of pay-TV. Until the 90s it simply didn't exist here.

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Apart from small areas with very poor signal reception, cable TV didn't exist here. And such cable TV that did wasn't paid for There were a few local cable only channels No satellite So anyone middle aged or older spent much of their life without the concept of pay-TV.

Sky brought in Sky 1 and Sky Sports promising they'd be free That's the history in a nutshell. Once bitten, twice shy Anyone who's watched Sky gobble up popular sports and put them behind their paywall Now you can call me "the Saga crowd" if you wish, though I am not quite that old thank you.

There are plenty of things we'll shell out for For reasons outlined above. We simply grew up with it as a wholly alien concept and don't like it.

Formula 1 in How to follow with Sky Sports

This feels like a very old fashioned opinion. We're not in the good old days of free sports coverage.

I'm in my mid 30s - myself and everyone I know have the same acceptance of the fact we have to pay for the tv channels to watch our favourite sports.

We grew up with pay tv. Now we have the likes of Amazon showing sports through Prime video - a newer pay TV platform but the same principles of paying for television. There are very few countries still with free coverage of every race live.

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