Why I Dont Watch Sports Anymore

Saturday, November 23, 2019 10:35:43 PM

I love watching sports - any kind of sports. Tiddlywinks why i dont watches sports anymore, bass masters, even late night reruns of racquetball tournaments, if it's on TV, I'll watch it. Put me in the stands of Fenway park with a hot dog and a cold one and I am one happy camper.

He would say the name of a sports team, and I would guess the city.

As a rabid sports fan, he found me to be some type of hilarious alien. The years went on, and I would find myself in the presence of a sports game, claiming that my eyes glazed over, seeing through the TV. I noticed myself becoming cynical, scoffing at the idea of spending a Sunday indoors watching football.

So, living life blissfully unaware is way more productive. I decided it was time to learn more about how the other half live.

Why I don't watch sports anymore but I will.

I polled over people, and read existing research to tell the story of the modern sports fan. The extreme emotions of a good game The psychology of a sports fan is still being determined. The leading hypothesis by psychologist, Robert Cialdini is that our brains get confused about whether achievements or characteristics belong to the body it inhabits or to another person.

This is a common occurrence between people who are in relationships my successes are your successes , but watching sports brings upon the same connection.

So, for true sports fans, one game is a mental dose of some pretty intense emotions! Knowing this still begs the question: Why? While every New Yorker expressed true schadenfreude against Boston and vice versa, it seemed at its core, a lot of fans grew up loving and playing sports, so they understand the rules, appreciate the talent, and spend each sport season bonding or heckling their friends pre, during and post games.

Nearly everyone had pride to either the teams from their hometown, where they went to school, or who their parents or partner support. A University of Wisconsin alumni said, "I love my team because they represent the values I believe in: blue collar, hard working, well spoken dudes. Louis native, he said, "The Cardinals are all we have besides Nelly.

Winning is a tangible thing and so is losing. Winning and losing create stakes and stakes are what makes accomplishments feel like accomplishments. One Baltimore fan polled stopped following her team all together after the Ray Rice incident.

Sports as an industry is huge. From Fantasy sports, to its reach into pop culture, fashion, and more, there are mega stars that are driving economies. As the fastest growing sport internationally with a young demographic, they appear to be the league to emulate.

Athletes are celebrities just as much as actors and musicians, "Going to a game is just like going to theater but with yelling," said actress, Rachel. And athletes are under scrutiny all the same. S Eagles Super bowl champs! When they won we went buck wild and people jumped into the pool in a celebratory blur.

They beat the undefeated Patriots.

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David Tyree catch. I personally can understand and appreciate it. It was only after Title IX passed in that females were allowed to participate in sports. In , a survey of 37 countries was done and found that in every one, men were likelier to play some kind of sport than women.

Why I Don't Watch Pro Football Anymore

From a professional standpoint, it's not a secret that mens leagues are more popular and are paid more than women. And that, I cannot argue with, whether those values are learned from team sports or not. Also the world should be your tribe, not your team or city.

Can you watch your sports in peace? But, will I ever want to rewatch the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history for a third time in my apartment? PS: I like tennis.

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