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Saturday, November 2, 2019 1:13:16 PM

SoBad said: I am not sure this is what I think of when I watch hockey that people are greedy. Squirrely hoarding food is different… they are not confronting anyone when they pull all those nuts in for the winter. They pulled off a thing, and then they just want to keep pulling stuff to see if they can get a way with it. Updates???

Culture Atdhe. The Internet domain name for popular sports video-streaming Web site Atdhe.

How to find NHL hockey games on TV

In advance of Sunday's game, federal officers armed with court-issued warrants also seized the online domains for Channelsurfing. Thousands of people had come to rely on Atdhe.

Obama IP czar wants felony charges for illegal Web streaming The Obama administration wants to make sure that the illegal streaming of music and movies over the Internet is a felony, and it also wants to give the federal government wiretap authority in copyright cases.

In actuality, the site was an aggregator that, according to the warrants, "provided illegal access to copyrighted telecasts of the U.

Some observers have also pointed out that it profited from those illegal streams by feeding them into its ad network.

Wiziwig and Alternatives for Sports Streaming •

Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement, urging the court to order the Web site operators to permanently forfeit the domain names. He added: "With the Super Bowl just days away, the seizures of these infringing Web sites reaffirm our commitment to working with our law enforcement partners to protect copyrighted material and put the people who steal it out of business.

For example, on Areapal. live sports

What a waste Well, not long after the site went down, word went out that it had moved to Atdhe. However, that domain apparently turned out to be an interloper that had nothing to do with the previous site.

But Atdhe. A statement at the top of its new site reads: Notice: Atdhe. We will continue on with the website. at Website Informer. Atdhe. Visit Atdhe.

If you want to continue accessing the site please bookmark www. Any website using the ATDHE alias other than one mentioned above in their domain is not operated by us.

Use them at your own risk.

Message boards soon lit up with the news that the site had returned at a different Web address.

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