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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 7:33:32 PM

Sport watch english football in budapest success! The ESSMA Summit is a yearly conference of European stadium and sport employees, featuring the latest stadium projects, industry trends, products and ideas.

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At Buda Juniors, we have members of all ages from all over the world from 34 countries, at the last count! We asked them to tell us, in their own words, why they like coming to our club: "Compared to the two other clubs I used to belong to, what I really like is that the training lasts 1.

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Also, it does not finish too late. I learn a lot of new techniques and it is great to play a match at each training.

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We work in little groups which enables me to better concentrate. I also enjoy the fact that the training is in English. I learn quickly by watching others and it is not too difficult a language since I speak Dutch. Also it is nice not to be the only footballer who does not speak English" Arthur, aged 9 from Belgium "I started to learn and play soccer in Finland in a team called OLS.

I like Buda Juniors because the coaches are really kind, not like all the others in other teams.

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I like it because we get to play games and you get your own shirt and there are lots of friends and it's really fun" Antti, aged 11 from Finland "I like all the trainers in Buda Juniors, they are so good.

I have learned a lot since last September and now it seems that I did not know anything about soccer before. I started to play when I was 5, in Finland. Our team won tournaments there" Ville, aged 9 from Finland "I want to be the best footballer in the World.

I want to be the best goalie like Barthez. He is French. I enjoy coming to Buda Juniors, I have lots of friends and it is fun" Jacques, aged 9 from France "Soccer is fun to play because I get exercises and, from the coaches, you can always learn new things even if you are really good. It is a fun sport" Alex, aged 10 from Finland "It is my first club.

I don't speak English but I watch others. I really like my football clothes and my water bottle.

  • New TV deals, a vast amount of footballers from different nationalities and the battle for the coveted Premier League Trophy. These are some of the key features that make the English Premier League exciting.
  • The problem with the league is its champions only have one shot or one opportunity to make it through to the UEFA Champions League.
  • At the same time, both AC Milan and Juventus attempted to sign him, but then he received a two-year ban from UEFA for refusing to return to Budapest [33] which prevented him from playing in Europe.
  • Share shares Finally derby day arrived as Ferencvaros played away at their fierce city rivals and both sets of supporters were awarded a heavy police presence as they made their way into the ground.
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I like very much when the others in my group have gone, to play some more with my coach, because he hits some strong balls to me, but it does not hurt me because I wear leg protection!

I love football and I like to be a goalkeeper and I like to play football. And it's cool to watch football and I like to watch football. Football is great. I want to say hello to all my friends in Audlem!

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I like kicking it in the net. I like being in Oliver's team because he is my friend" The funniest thing that has happened here: "one time our soccer coach put out his tongue! I like the obstacle course climbing under the chair " Katie, aged 4 from the United States "I like playing soccer at the club because we do fun games!

I like soccer because my friends are there and sometimes we are on the same team, and win.

Soccer is fun! Also I like standing with the ball under my foot. It's very wobbly.

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I like my football t-shirt too" Matthew, aged 4 from England "I like kicking the ball and I like to go around in a circle and kick it in the net" Maddie, aged 4 from United States "I like the uniform, Andrew, running and what I like most is kicking the ball" Pablo, aged 4 from Spain "I like kicking the ball over to the other end.

I need to do this in soccer and other things. I like jumping around like this - ding, ding, ding, ding!

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