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His father, whom Alzado later described as "a drinker and street fighter," left the family during Alzado's sophomore year at Lawrence High School[6] he played watch a football life lyle alzado school football and was a Vardon Trophy Candidate defense in high school for three years. After two years, he was asked to leave the team, he later contended, for befriending a black teammate. During his college years, Alzado participated in amateur boxing, and made it to the semi-finals of the Midwest Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament, held in Omaha. InAlzado posted excellent numbers as the Broncos had a winning record for the first time in team history with a 7—5—2 mark. The Denver Broncos posted their second consecutive winning season, going 7—6—1.

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Out there in show biz, Lyle is happening in a major way. What do they have in mind?

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Muscles and anger are hot, meaning that Lyle Alzado, the famous defensive end of the L. Raiders, is an idea whose time has just pulled up in the no-parking zone outside the bank. They want biceps?

Alzado has upper arms that would take an ant half a day to circumnavigate. They want anger?

Lyle Alzado is a Lost Action Star in Destroyer ()

Have you ever looked into those eyes? Have you ever been around on one of those days? This is the poet laureate of rage. Might be mayhem on the freeways if that catches on.

Lyle Alzado has a tremendously complicated legacy

Those are just the TV commercials. There are deals working for a feature, or as they say in real life, a movie.

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Two more scripts were delivered to the Raider camp last night. Alzado plans to start acting school as soon as camp breaks.

Is he having fun, or what? He goes around the block at 5 m. He tell you that? He has certainly paid his dues, as have some of the people around him, all of whom managed to keep their lips.

If barely. I mean, he makes Sybil look like a common individual in society.

Practice is over. The rest of the defensive line, which is about 12 years per man younger than he is, has gone inside the dressing room to cool off, and Alzado is still out there pumping.

What am I doing here? What the bleep am I doing here? Advertisement There is a temptation in discussing Alzado to get lost in the anecdotes. A childhood like his is a terrible price to pay for a line of great stories. He still drinks and battles more than any five men I ever met.

I got the bleep beat out of me. No one else could ever do that to me. Then he came home drunk, took the turkey out of the oven, threw it out on the street and left my mother crying. Alzado fought everyone who crossed his path, and some who were trying to get out of the way.

At 15, he was 6 feet 2 inches, pounds and was a bouncer in a bar. In various fights, he says, he was stabbed four times. The only thing I had in my life, I could fight.

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Anybody messed with me in any way, I beat their bleeping ass. That was my strength and pride. My older brother, Peter.

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John Maralotta, my high school football coach. My mom. He showed me how to kick ass. But he got me to football. I had a little bop in my walk. I was very competitive with Peter.

Then it was time to select a college. New Mexico State brought him out, he says, and sent him home after hearing about his police record. Alzado said he once ran a 9. A Denver Bronco scout found him while killing a day watching film in Butte, Mont.

In this particular life, all the stories are amazing ones. Gene Upshaw used to get him mad. We had some plays where the guard would block him and Upshaw would be grabbing him and holding him.

Lyle would get up screaming. It was holy hell there in Denver.

'A Football Life' portrays Lyle Alzado as far more than steroid abuser

The best to ever play this game was Art Shell. I used to come out of the game with lumps on my head, he was such a great player. I dream that I accomplish all I ever wanted--to win the Super Bowl, be player of the year, all that--and then I die.

He had his own radio shows, one on which he played rock oldies, and a talk show on which he hung up on old women. That season, his father called him in the dressing room after the AFC championship game. In , he tried to squeeze more money out of the Broncos, who peddled him to Cleveland without further ado.

Three seasons later, with less ado, the Browns peddled him to the Raiders. It was a marriage made in heaven, or wherever it is Raider marriages are made. They were about to move to Los Angeles and Alzado already lived there. Plus, their tolerance for eccentrics told him he was finally home.

He and his roommate, a budding prodigy named Howie Long, shored up an ailing defensive line. A year later, Bill Pickel and Greg Townsend were drafted, meaning that the passing-situation front four had turned over completely.

Remembering Lyle Alzado

The Raiders have led the NFL in sacks since Long, 11 years younger, grew up quite violently himself on the streets of Boston. Right off, he and Alzado understood each other.

He had gotten everything he wanted from the game. He says he was financially set. And here he is. I wish I had another 10 years to give Earl Leggett.

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