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In uf online poltical science sources to make sure you are keeping credible with your sources, a few simple guidelines can help. To see these guidelines, click here. Working Off-Campus? How Do I Find Stuff? But it's only one tool.

50 Most Affordable Online Bachelor's Degrees

Let's Go! Sponsored Online degrees may be the buzz in higher education, but for the majority of students, traditional residential colleges and universities are usually the best choice. The conventional on-campus college experience provides a lot of opportunities and support that online programs do not, especially for traditional college-aged students While online programs may have excellent instructors, it is much easier to develop a mentoring relationship with faculty in an on-campus program, essential for young people who are still working to find their path in life.

College Science Courses

And though online may be more flexible and convenient for self-motivated students , most of us benefit from the camaraderie and positive peer pressure of being around other students. There are more than colleges and universities in the US, and it can be difficult for prospective students, especially young people, to know how to choose.

The 30 Best Affordable Online Colleges in

Do you go with the college nearest your home, or venture across the country? Public or private? Large, small, or in-between?

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The financial questions are especially important for first-generation students, students from a disadvantaged background, and students who are paying their own way without family support.

Value Colleges is here for those students — the ones who need to know, before they spend years of their life and potentially many thousands of dollars, whether the education they get will be worth the price they pay.

To set our parameters, we used College Scorecard , the database of information gathered from the Department of Education federal student loan program.

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