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Is it the story, the characters, or the music? The internet sports asian drama tv shows way for these Korean dramas to reach a global audience. Here are the top ten you should try and watch. Have we missed your favourite show?

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Emergency Couple Emergency Couple If you are looking for an immediately gripping and fast-paced medical drama, this one should be your choice. They fall in love with each other while studying in school. Unfortunately, the couple ends up separating because of family and financial pressure.

However, neither of them know that there's no escape from love.

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They meet again six years later while interning in the same hospital. The show has everything I want; a wonderful story, cute and funny scenes as well as some fighting scenes, a great cast, and many moral lessons.

Also, this is one of those few dramas where I was happy with the ending. I was satisfied with all the bloopers and flashbacks playing at the end!

Doctor Stranger Doctor Stranger Do you love some action, romance, and medical thrown into a drama?

Then you will probably be obsessed with Doctor Stranger throughout all 20 episodes! This series isn't as typical as some Korean dramas are. You will understand that once you know the plot.

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I think Doctor Stranger has a unique storyline to it. Its plot is understandable, intriguing, and sufficient. I recommend this series to anyone who is interested in medical dramas. But I certainly don't recommend it to people who don't like blood. With that said, it made me cry and kept me wanting to binge watch the whole series.

He is not alone as he is with his world-famous surgeon father Park Cheol, who was brought to North Korea to operate on the "Dear Leader" dictator.

Park Hoon grows up in North Korea, training to become a doctor by his father. He soon falls deeply in love with a beautiful girl, but North Korea puts a target on his back.

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You need to watch this drama and discover how Park Hoon will escape the country, and whether he will succeed in the search for his first love! Liar Game Liar Game If you like tricky math games and dark manga, this drama is worth checking out.

Liar Game will most likely make you curious enough about all the questions and non-answers in the show, so you will stick to it just to know the ending.

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I haven't read the manga or seen the Japanese version, so I can't make any comparisons. The story was interesting; the drama thrilled me and kept me guessing throughout all its tightly plotted 12 episodes!

Liar Game is based on the Japanese manga of the same name. The drama revolves around contestants that take part in a reality game show called Liar Game, where regular people get the opportunity to earn millions of dollars.

The winner becomes the one who manages to cheat the others. One of the contestants is a naive girl, who wants to pay off her father's debt. She gets help from a genius swindler and former psychology professor to win the show.

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The show itself perfectly illustrates how it ruins the morals of a person and shows how far people can go to get money. It's a pretty easy series to binge watch at 12 episodes.

If you are looking for more brief series, check out this list of K-dramas you can watch in one weekend. City Hunter City Hunter If you are looking for a drama with action, martial arts fights, a well-thought revenge plot, and romance, then give this one a shot.

City Hunter is the secret identity of Lee Yoon Sung, a man whose only purpose in life is to get revenge on those who killed his father many years before.

Yoon-Sung has been training for vengeance since he was a child. The young man distances himself from anyone who distracts him from his task. Despite his best efforts, he faces a tough challenge as he develops feelings for a woman he works with.

I loved how the director balanced both romance and the intrigue of revenge. I think you should give it a shot if you are a fan of action or romantic comedy series!

There were moments when the tension was just killing me. I wouldn't watch this too often since you might have a heart attack.

Healer Healer Here's one more action drama for you to choose from. Actually, it has a little bit of everything; drama, action, romance, and mystery. Healer is the drama you should include on your watchlist simply because of its decent performances and storyline.

The series tells about a star reporter who seeks the help of a spy named Healer to help him to unveil dark truth behind the people who have been ruling for too long. I loved the acting by the entire cast of Healer! This gripping and intense drama will have you on the edge of your seat and make you experience a wide range of emotions!

I loved that both male and female characters were strong. It's a solid love story without any of the expected funny love triangles. This series is definitely for you if you enjoy good action, romance, and political drama! These words will probably come to mind after you finish watching this show.

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Kill Me, Heal Me is a comedy drama about a man who suffers from memory lapses and multiple personality disorder. The problems were caused by a traumatic experience in his childhood. A third-generation billionaire's personality scatters into seven different identities.

Secretly, he asks for the help of a first-year psychiatry student in treating his disorder. Eventually, the girl falls in love with one of his personalities. What sets this series apart is its constant twists and turns. It was difficult for me to get bored while watching this drama since something happened in every episode!

I advise you to watch Kill Me, Heal Me if you are tired of the usual dramas with predictable plots. It features a charismatic and lovely cast along with fantastic sets, costumes, and writing.

Also, with a touch of modern humor in it, the drama is fun and playful. This series is a wonderful youth historical drama. It tells the story of a prince that falls deeply in love with a girl disguised as a eunuch.

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