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What are the three characteristics rtv 3001 online uf electromagnetic energy? Radiant: moves through surrounding space. Constant velocity: speed of light c. Wave-like motion 8.

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Renkus, Ph. This course investigates their dynamic influence by unveiling principles that govern media channels of information and entertainment. The goal for students is to understand how our media tools were created, were nurtured into an information industry, and now shape our lives in political, economic, and social ways.

We will critically analyze the latest developments from the standpoints of media owners, advertisers, managers, producers, and audiences.

In addition, changes in new media, business practices, converging markets, and regulatory philosophies will be addressed.

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This course is designed to offer you an overview of the origins, organizations, and movements that have shaped electronic media. We will learn and discuss the following developments: The historical development of electronic media The technologies involved in the creation of electronic media The structure, economics, and regulation of electronic media The political and legal issues involved in content and management decisions The economics of electronic media, including programming and ratings The lexicon involved within subsets of the telecommunication industry REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Joseph R.

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Dominick, Fritz Messere, and Barry L. Broadcasting, Cable, the Internet, and Beyond, 7 th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, Please consult these items to assist note-taking and exam review. Lectures provide an opportunity for enhanced learning through a free discussion of ideas, sharing of input and clarification of concepts.

Your input will help others and yourself to grasp course content. Note that you will be responsible for not only assigned readings but also for details presented in class that are not in the text. Lectures will reflect recent developments in the telecommunication industry not covered in the text.

Because the industry is so complex, this course will cover a lot of ground. As a result, regular attendance is necessary to succeed in this course.

Exam material will be drawn from class lectures, discussions, and readings. Exam material will be designed to measure your understanding of key concepts in the field of Telecommunications.

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In order to succeed, students should remain current with assigned readings, class notes, and class discussions. Exams will not be cumulative. Groups will be comprised of five or six students.

There will be one presentation per lecture period.

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There will be no presentations on exam days. Each presentation must be five to six minutes long. Presentations may include speech, powerpoint, or performance. A three to five page, typewritten, double-spaced, paper must be turned in on the presentation day.

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Every group member receives the same grade. A study guide will be available to review before each exam. In addition, a portion of the class prior to each exam will be spent answering questions pertaining to course material.

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  • Creative Strategy I 3. This foundation course in advertising explores creativity in a workshop environment.
  • Zoology Students who have not been admitted to the College of Journalism and Communications must have a 3.
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No make-up exams will be given without prior notification and subsequent written documentation of a medical excuse or extreme personal emergency. Arrangements for any make-up exams must be made 48 hours before the original exam date.

Instructor reserves the right to alter the form and content of make-up exams. You must have a Gatorlink ID to access your exam grades online.

By doing so, you have pledged that you will maintain the highest level of academic integrity.

RTV UF: Introduction to Media Industries and Professions

Plagiarizing others work is a serious infraction that will result in a student being subject to sanctions set forth in the Student Conduct Code. The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the student who must then provide this documentation to the Instructor when requesting accommodation.

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Please contact Disability Services if you have any documented special needs that could affect your performance in this class. Instructor reserves the right to alter calendar, assignment and exam schedules.

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