Lebanese Basketball League 2016 Live

Monday, September 2, 2019 6:03:21 PM

SPORTS Keeping a lebanese basketball league 2016 live eye on Lebanese basketball player Wael Arakji The young prodigy announced that he had postponed his draft till next year, saying he wanted to further enhance his skills before joining the league. Photo courtesy: draftexpress.

Lebanese Basketball League

New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer But sport can also have the exact opposite effect, and such is the case for Lebanese basketball today. Rattled by feuds and infighting, the season was halted several times and eventually ended without a winner, and on July 18 the International Basketball Federation FIBA suspended the Lebanese Basketball Federation LBF from international competition.

Lebanon Lebanese bench warming players via SportsCode Back in October , I criticized the decision to allow three foreigners players to play in Lebanese Basketball teams and said that it would kill local talent and would destroy the game for the years to come. I looked at the game stats for the past 8 rounds and computed the average of points scored by foreigners every game for every team.

Nate Robinson: Waived by Lebanese team

All in all, if the aim from allowing 3 foreign players is to increase competitiveness, lower budgets and allow Lebanese players to improve, it failed miserably.

Believing in the improvement of Lebanese players is somewhat true as they would be learning from more experienced foreign players.

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But this only seems to apply during training and not during games. The presence of 3 foreign players on the roster has benched talented Lebanese players and created a huge shadow over local players. In fact, if we look at the top scorers in the league, all of them are foreign players. There are barely any Lebanese even in the top rebounds and assists stats.

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  • It is organized annually as a national championship with playoffs and a national cup by the Lebanese Basketball Federation FLB.
  • History[ edit ] The initial Lebanese basketball league was formed in as early as the s; however, it was stopped during the Lebanese Civil War. In , the league was reformed into a fully professional format.

Over the weekend 3 different games were held: — Mouttahed vs.

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