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Saturday, August 31, 2019 7:30:06 PM

Sports fans will be able to jump online to register for a 30 day free trial of the service and kiwi motorsport media live stream test Spark Sport, catching live action or on demand coverage for a range of upcoming events. The service has launching in beta, which means that the core functionality is working, but improvements and additional features are still being added. In addition to going live on Apple and web as promised earlier this week, Spark Sport is also available as an Android app, in time for the Australian Grand Prix. In the first few months of the service, there will be hundreds of hours of live and on demand content to enjoy. As the new sports streaming service goes live, Spark Sport is also announcing two exciting new additions to the platform.

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And she's been there since the very start, 16 years ago. When LockerRoom calls to request a quick chat, you could probably forgive her for not viewing the requisition of a chunk of her precious time with obvious glee.

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Tell me about that. And that was me. Lucky, lucky me. That was pretty much the vision. Canoeing is among the 23 sports delivered to more than 11, kids at AIMS. Photo: Dave Lintott.

LR: So going back to year one, how did you pull it together — and what sports were involved? We had four sporting codes — football, netball, hockey and cross country. We had 17 schools this year we have and kids.

This year there are over 11, — so we have definitely come a long way.

VS: We were absolutely delighted with that. And we have continued to grow.

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Every year we have got bigger and bigger and bigger. Our goal is to make sure we are always on our A-game, always moving with the times.

Making sure we are introducing new sports that the kids are into.

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Making sure the tournament runs really well. LR: Growth also make things more difficult as well, surely? Looking at the scale of the event now when you are delivering so many sports 23 , how does it work?

It takes a lot of people to run an event like this.

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Those systems have grown with the event. This year we have introduced an app so we can send out messages about, say, a delay in tennis and everyone gets the message. We could communicate that to the schools, we could communicate with the parents around the warnings to do with measles and symptoms.

LR: And has measles been an issue? VS: No. But we have systems in place. The games will go on. We are communicating hourly and daily with District Health. We have absolutely followed the professionals' guidelines to the letter of the law to make sure we are doing the right thing.

Just how big is it? So we are really educating kids as well. So our team is absolutely enormous! LR: Can you put a number on it? VS: Planning starts Monday.

We set our dates two years in advance so we can give everyone a heads-up. LR: It is already so massive. Tauranga is literally heaving.

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Can this thing get much bigger? VS: You tell me. Every year I think we have probably reached capacity, but each year more and more people want to come. More people hear about it. This year we have got [Instagram marketing specialists] Ace The Gram on board doing stuff on Instagram and it is absolutely going crazy.

Yesterday, for example, we had 50, views on our live stream. So people at home can watch their kids play. We are super proud of that.

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Semple is an old girl of Otumoetai Intermediate. So we are a not-for-profit trust. It costs a lot of money to run an event of this size and scale. Our partners and sponsors are just sensational.

LR: Aside from the measles issue, have you have any other challenges? VS: The weather! Look, of course we are going to have issues, but because we have been doing this for 16 years and we have great systems, we can sort those out pretty quickly.

VS: My first message this morning was around 4am — so that was the start of the day.

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