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Megan Rapinoe celebrates scoring a goal against France during the Women's World Cup quarter-final match on June CNN Less than 24 hours have passed since Megan Rapinoe scored the only two goals against France in the Women's World Cup quarter-final match, but her glorious goal celebration has already been hailed as an "iconic" moment in soccer and all sports.

A photo of a triumphant Rapinoe with her arms outstretched, a pose she struck after scoring both goals, quickly set Twitter ablaze.

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Thanks for being such an inspiration to my daughter mPinoe - you were unbelievable today. And of course, the internet immediately adopted the photo as a meme and symbol of patriotism for an American athlete and activist in her prime.

Her epic performance led some to suggest that the United States "tear down the Confederate monuments and put up Megan Rapinoe monuments.

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The US Women's National Team was criticized earlier in the tournament for poor sportsmanship after mercilessly scoring 13 goals against a scoreless Thailand and celebrating every single one, even as their opponents were brought to tears.

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