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Tuesday, November 5, 2019 8:19:36 AM

The broadcast, which lasted nearly an facebook live a10 basketball, is included below. It touched on a number of topics, including football and basketball scheduling, the potential for an indoor practice facility for the athletic department and, much more. No hints, but potentially a reveal right before the game.

Could Facebook Live disrupt the future of sports broadcasting?

Atlantic 10 Women's Basketball Championship Preview

The games are part of Facebook's push into sports content. Previously it worked with Stadium to stream exclusive college football games.

Minutemen AD Ryan Bamford answers fan questions on Facebook Live

Getty Images Facebook will be the only place to watch 47 college basketball games this season. Multi-platform sports network Stadium announced on Thursday it was streaming 47 college basketball games exclusively through Facebook this season.

Stadium's on-air talent will interact with comments posted on Facebook in real-time, and the company will also post a Facebook-only minute commentary show on every Wednesday evening.

Stadium will also make other college games it owns the streaming rights to available on other digital platforms, including its own app and Pluto TV. The announcement signals Facebook's further expansion into live sports content.

Mercer to be among first to stream game on Facebook Live

Stadium and Facebook previously partnered earlier this year to stream 15 college football games exclusively. The 13 games that have aired so far this year have received almost 10 million total views, according to Stadium. Facebook has also streamed some NBA and MLB regular season games, but those were available to watch on via other methods.

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