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Saturday, November 30, 2019 11:02:36 PM

This year these two teams will play for a chance to play in the 5A DI state championship game just like last year. You can find out more information on how to denton ryan football live of listen to this game online below. Do you think Denton Ryan will get revenge and beat Highland park this year? Highland Park wins Denton Park had two quarterbacks injured in the game and finished with their 3rd string quarterback attempting to mount a drive to tie the game.

Texas High School Football Scores: Sept.

Rate It! I love everything about Ryan High School. The last four years have been so much fun!

I wish the staff would've encouraged involvement in clubs more than they did. Overall, it was great experience and I'm sad it's all coming to an end. With graduation right around the corner, I'm starting to regret all the things I didn't do at Ryan.

I should've applied myself to my classes in which I was provided with amazing teachers.

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Ryan was beyond excellent compared to other high schools in the area. We are forever the home of champions.

The Oklahoma-commit regained his passion for golf entering high school and has left opponents in his wake on the high school and the elite-tournament circuits.

Non-AP class aren't quite as fun, particularly the school required classes. However, the sheer amount of class options at Ryan makes it so that pretty much everyone can find something that fits them.

Denton Ryan vs Highland Park Radio Broadcast

As far as the school atmosphere, Ryan is known as the 'sporty' school, and that's certainly a key element. The football team is the star of the school, partly because they make it to State champs every year, and partly just because this is Texas.

Diversity-wise, Ryan is above average, at least compared to the schools in our area, but isn't great, mainly Hispanic, white, and black students. As a senior, my favorite aspect of Ryan has become the counseling department.

They work voraciously to ensure students know every opportunity available to them, from scholarships to programs that will help students fill out college applications and sign up for ACT and SATs.

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