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Friday, November 1, 2019 10:20:51 AM

Comment Dayton and Virginia Tech are dayton basketball tv schedule coming off of impressive victories in which they showed off their offensive firepower, which should make for a great matchup in Maui. Virginia Tech is the intriguing, early-season matchup no one expected to see in the Maui Invitational. Tech for its season-defining ability. The Dayton Flyers took care of a business in a big way on Monday.

Virginia vs. Texas Tech at Minneapolis, Minn. Temple vs. Pregame coverage starts at 6 p.

Dragons Announce TV and Radio Broadcast Information

North Carolina Central vs. Louisville vs. Louisiana State vs. Yale at Jacksonville, Fla. Auburn vs. Florida State vs. Vermont at Hartford, Conn. Michigan State vs. Maryland vs. Belmont at Jacksonville, Fla. Kansas vs. Marquette vs. Murray State at Hartford, Conn.

Nevada vs. Kentucky vs. Abilene Christian at Jacksonville, Fla. Gonzaga vs. Villanova vs. Wofford vs. Seton Hall at Jacksonville, Fla. Michigan vs. Syracuse vs. Purdue vs.

Old Dominion at Hartford, Conn. Cincinnati vs. Mississippi vs. Oklahoma at Columbia, S. Texas Tech vs. Northern Kentucky at Tulsa, Okla. Kansas State vs. Tennessee vs. Gardner-Webb at Columbia, S. Buffalo vs. Arizona State at Tulsa, Okla.

Wisconsin vs. Oregon at San Jose, Calif. Utah State vs. Duke vs. North Dakota State at Columbia, S. Houston vs. Georgia State at Tulsa, Okla.

Mississippi State vs. Liberty at San Jose, Calif. North Carolina vs. Virginia Commonwealth vs.

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  • Women's Basketball Schedule

Central Florida at Columbia, S. Iowa State vs. Ohio State at Tulsa, Okla. Virginia Tech vs.

University of Dayton men's basketball will have 16 nationally

Saint Louis at San Jose, Calif. TBS has the late night wrap-up show, with coverage concluding at 1 a. Maryland at Jacksonville, Fla. Wofford at Jacksonville, Fla. Villanova at Hartford, Conn. TBS has the late night wrap-up show, with coverage concluding at a. Buffalo at Tulsa, Okla. Oregon vs.

Florida State at Anaheim, Calif. Purdue at Louisville, Ky. Texas Tech at Anaheim, Calif. Oregon at Louisville, Ky.

All games are also streamed on-line at www. Each broadcast begins with the pre-game show 30 minutes before the first pitch of every Dragons game, featuring game previews, interviews, and lineups.

Louisiana State at Washington, D. Auburn at Kansas City, Mo. Virginia Tech at Washington, D.

Men's Basketball

Houston at Kansas City, Mo. Pregame coverage starts at 5 p. Studio coverage begins at 1 p. There is no postgame show. Michigan State at Washington, D. Pregame coverage begins at 3 p. Auburn at Minneapolis, Minn.

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