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Wednesday, November 6, 2019 6:22:23 AM

Why It's So Important: The involvement of the NBA looms large here as the college basketball live period is littered with former players who serve as coaches, counselors and camp directors. This gives the camp a unique experience, and besides the great action on the court, there are off-the-court seminars that players learn from every year.

Division I and II Recruiting Calendars

Photo: BaylorBasketball. For our State Top 20 rankings packages for boys and girls hoops plus state stat stars and state record updates as they arise plus more exclusive content, please check out our Gold Club membership today. The NCAA federal bribery and corruption scandal rocked college basketball to its core over the past year.

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Recently, three defendants in the corruption scandal, including former Westchester Los Angeles standout and former USC assistant coach Tony Bland, pled guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery. The NCAA altered its entire recruiting calendar for potential D1 boys basketball scholarship athletes, and as a result there are less live period days for non-elite players to be evaluated in front of college coaches in compared to The major caveat for state associations around the country is the NFHS is sanctioning one school athletic governing body per state for the June live period of events.

Across the country, however, plenty of states have more than one athletic governing body. In Texas, for example, private and public schools are separate. In California, the approximately 1,5oo high schools across the state belong almost exclusively to the California Interscholastic Federation CIF.

Number two is that the NCAA is providing an opportunity for 2, boys nationwide with our boys part of boys going to Grand Canyon College all expense paid, so we felt there was still an opportunity for our boys to get some D1 college exposure.

No state governing body wants to be involved in any Title IX discrimination lawsuit. Another potential problem with moving forward with the June Live Events for some state governing bodies was taking on the liability of hosting events.

The NFHS and state governing bodies have no experience in running large-scale recruiting events.

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There is also the financial element of hosting events. Based on the new NCAA recruiting calendar, the real losers are the large group of kids with NBA dreams whose reality is more along the lines of looking for the best Division I college opportunity and the chance at a free education.

In the summer of , that number was 21 days.

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