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Frequently Asked Questions Q:Where can i get cheap sports ticket online priced sports tickets? A:You can buy sports Tickets at cheap prices right here from our website. Look through our page for details and order your deal right away!

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I have never heard of Gametime before until this morning. I wanted to get the most affordable and convenient tickets to see Monster Jam in MetLife. I was really excited to see the price online and so I bought the tickets directly from their website.

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When I was processing the order and everything else, I received a confirmation email stating that I had ordered them and that the tickets would available on the app. I downloaded the app. I did not see the tickets anywhere.

I just spent nearly dollars and I thought I just lost my money.

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Unfortunately, the company does not have a direct customer service line on their website nor on their app. Just their email address which I sent two messages requesting for the tickets through my email instead. She got back to me with a response and following her email was another email with the two tickets I had purchased.

I was about to have a really bad morning, but thankfully, that flipped around.

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Thanks a lot for your help, Tracey. You have no idea! They did charge my card right after I requested the tickets but my order still said in process which definitely made me feel iffy.

I got an email which told me I needed to get in touch with Gametime within a day to confirm I wanted my tickets or else they might have to cancel my order- which they had already charged my card and I had read horror stories about not being able t get a refund so I was pretty anxious.

I was able to get in touch with the customer service representative to confirm my tickets, and after confirming my order they did come through in a timely manner.

I had also read reviews where mobile tickets were scanned and did not work because they had already been used, so I was worried all the way up until my tickets were scanned at the venue BUT they worked just fine and I got to see one of my favorite bands!

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It seems like it may be just hit or miss with some questionable vendors on here. I did not have to put that to the test thankfully, but despite a lot of negative reviews about this app my experience ended up being fine.

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I tried looking for a customer service number, and they don't have any phone numbers posted anywhere online. You have to email them first in order to obtain a phone number.

Gametime lets you buy tickets for games and concerts that have already started

After finally getting a phone number and calling them, they basically just told me that the whole thing was my fault and wouldn't refund me the difference between the two ticket prices. I've gotten full refunds from companies in situations that were much more clearly my fault, so this just seemed quite absurd to me.

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After some bickering I eventually gave up as they clearly were not going to give me a refund. I love the whole idea for the app but definitely won't be using it anymore.

Developer Response , We are really sorry to hear about your less than stellar experience using Gametime! Rest assured, the price you see when checking out is the price you will be charged. Please reach out to our Fan Happiness Team at feedback gametime.

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