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Saturday, November 9, 2019 4:17:20 PM

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Previous champions, amateurs, and college players are looking to take home a trophy on June 2nd. For rounds 3 and 4, the starting times will be determined by the number of golfers who qualified after rounds 1 and 2, but the general first tee time will be between A.

As for the views, it is known that holes 3 and 6 are challenging par 3s, so any position around the greens will be a great view of the action! Holes 12, 13, 14, and 16 are also known to be a great challenge for even the most decorated professionals. Of course, the first tee off and the 18th hole will be exciting for those who want to watch history be made.

For the first-timers: Welcome to some of the most exciting hours in golf! With the Charleston summer heat, it is recommended to wear a hat, sun protection, and comfortable apparel. There is also a U. For the gallery ticket holders, you have access to the grounds of the golf course during the competition.

Onsite maps will be provided to guide you to food and drink purchases, how to find your car, and to where you want to watch, whether it be alongside the course or in the designated grandstands. USGA is a full supporter in capturing the exciting and monumental moments of the championships, but there are set guidelines on mobile device usage on the course to ensure full focus of the players.

They only ask that all device volume controls are set to silent, and not vibrate. Flash photography is also not allowed, and phone calls are prohibited in any area that may disrupt play.

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As for autographs, it is encouraged to respectfully interact with the players and take home a souvenir. It is important once again to not disrupt the players during their round for autographs, as they are competing for a national championship.

The free junior ticket provides access to the grounds as well as the junior tent and activities.

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For more information on players, tee times, media, events and rules, visit usga.

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