Best Place To Watch College Football In Asheville

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Butler was regarded as a long and best place to watch college football in asheville cornerback with good ball skills, albeit with a weak statistical senior season. He was signed to a three-year rookie contract, and was named to the man roster. He was placed on the injured reserve list on September 20 due to a dislocated ankle. Buffalo Bills[ edit ] On November 7,Butler was signed from the Cardinal's practice squad, joining the Buffalo Bills active roster.

Best Place to Watch College Football in Asheville

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The menu here favors bar food, sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads. You can watch virtually any sporting event on one of the flat screen or big screen monitors scattered around this large eatery, and the place can get a little crowded on college football and NFL days.

However, be warned, the sound system could use an upgrade.

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On the down side, the food here is definitely hit or miss, depending on who is cooking that day. In addition, the menu here does not cater to vegetarians or vegans.

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A few of our favorite menu items at Bier Garden include: Pretzel Trio This variation of a traditional German favorite features an intriguing mixture of flavors that you really have to sample to fully appreciate.

This huge, ounce soft pretzel is served with cinnamon frosting, ale cheese and German mustard. The sweet and tangy combo is delicious!

Beer Cheese Burger How can you resist a burger with such a name? This ounce Angus beef burger is topped the house-made ale cheese sauce, crisp fried onions and a toasted pretzel bun.

This large sausage is topped with sauteed sweet onions and peppers, cherry pepper relish and a delicious dark ale mustard.

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Belgium Juicy Watermelon Beer You have to taste this local, seasonal beer to truly appreciate it. This golden ale is light, refreshing and offers hints of watermelon, papaya and key lime.

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This semi-carbonated, hard cider has an aroma of green apples and notes of both sweet and tart apples. Insider Tips -Tables in the dining area at the Bier Garden fill up fast.

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Ask for a seat by one of the front windows in the summer. The windows open in the front of the restaurant and give you a European sidewalk cafe feel without being subject to rain.

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