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Here we go: 1.

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A very uniform look. The Nationals wore their navy alternate jersey for their three victories over the Dodgers in the NLDS they wore grey and white for their two losses in that series and for all four games while sweeping the Cardinals in the NLCS, so that jersey is on a seven-game postseason winning streak.

If so, that would be unusual but not unprecedented — the last time it happened was in , when Cleveland wore their navy alternates for all seven games of their Fall Classic series against the Cubs.

Uphill climb.

Leaning tower of Houston. NOB job.

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Your prescription is ready. How similar are they really? Turn back that clock!

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As many fans have noted, this could be a truly epic World Series, at least for a uniform perspective, if the teams broke out some s throwbacks: — Mark McClune MarkMcClune October 20, 7. These players could all learn a thing or two from Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg. Right from his very first game , he has been a one-man master class in the proper way to cuff and blouse a pair of baseball pants.

His pant legs are always smooth from top to bottom, the cuffs always gorgeously bloused.

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I mean, look at this magnificence click to enlarge : 8. Color correction. Look again at that last photo of Strasburg. Does anyone else think the Nats would be better off wearing navy socks, instead of red, with their navy jerseys? I for one find the red hose with the navy tops to be jarring.

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The thought of having to look at it through every game of the Series makes my head hurt. Ad-free zone. In a heartening development, this will be the seventh consecutive World Series in which at least one of the stadiums — Nationals Park, in this case — does not have a corporate-advertised name.

Nice while it lasted. Enjoy it while you still can.

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  • The effect is unnerving. In it, Lil Rey Howery, breakout comic relief from Get Out, plays Dax, the high-strung coach of a street ball team getting ready for the prestigious Rucker Classic tournament.
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  • Irish head coach Brian Kelly — notoriously optimistic in public about injury recovery timelines — fueled the Crawford possibility Monday.
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Just like before, you can customize these with your choice of number and NOB. The ordering window for this batch will run through the end of next week, so move fast. The winner will get to choose any print from the Art of Words website.

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To enter, send an email to the raffle address by 8pm Eastern tomorrow, Oct. One entry per person. Kudos to all involved, both at the Jazz and at Qualtrics — good for them. And shame on all the other NBA teams and uni advertisers, not a single one of which has used the NBA ad patch program for the benefit of anything but self-enrichment, self-aggrandizement, and commerce.

The answer comes from former NFL equipment manager Scott Rotier, who emailed me yesterday with this explanation: Most defensive and offensive lineman, linebackers, tight ends, and running backs use some sort of material — usually either double-sided tape or Velcro — to hold the jersey tight to the shoulder pads.

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It gives the defender less material to grab onto. Thanks, Scott!

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