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Supported by N. The N. Players Association sent inspectors to Mexico City this week to inspect the field, which had been damaged by heavy rains, a concert and soccer matches. In this case, the Rams are the american football outside stadium hd team, so the game will now take place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where the Rams are undefeated this season. Players began calling the union on Monday to express their concerns about the condition of the field in Mexico City.

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A: Lucas Oil Stadium will be used for football, basketball, and conventions. The Indianapolis Colts will play home games in the stadium, while the NCAA will use it for men's and women's tournaments.

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Q: How many square feet is the stadium? A: Nowhere. The moving window on the northeast side facing the city is the first moving window in the NFL. Q: What type of turf is used in the stadium? A: The stadium has 95, square feet of a synthetic turf called Fieldturf as the playing surface.

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More than 23 of the NFL's 32 teams use this turf. Q: Does my seat have more room?

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A: Yes. Non-club seats are approximately 20 inches wide with close to 33 inches of legroom.

Q: How long does it take for the roof to open and close? A: Approximately 9 minutes.

  • Jump to navigation Jump to search An NFL football stadium Although American football the term "football" in this article will mean American football unless otherwise noted is played throughout the world, it is still mostly seen as "America's sport" and is the most popular sport in the United States. Additionally, in many areas of the country especially those that lack top-level pro teams , there is a huge following for collegiate and even high school football—millions of adults and youth play the game so no matter where you are in North America, you aren't far from football for several months out of the year.
  • Few activities elicit such a fervent response from people, and the passion exhibited by those playing is often at least matched by the excitement of fans and spectators.
  • LinkedIn Today's NFL teams in are in an arms race for superlatives, chasing the honors of biggest and best, even if only for a few years.
  • Stadium characteristics[ edit ] Stadiums represent a considerable expense to a community, and thus their construction, use, and funding often enter the public discourse. Climate, playing surface either natural or artificial turf , and the type of roof all contribute to giving each team its home-field advantage.
  • Teams that have built new stadiums in recent years to actively try to one-up each other and build the greatest stadium fans have ever seen. Meanwhile, teams with slightly older stadiums work to renovate and upgrade them any way they can.

The steel trusses that support the roof are over feet long, which is as tall as some of the taller skyscrapers in Indianapolis. Q: How many retractable roof stadiums are in the NFL? A: Three. There are two other stadiums with retractable roofs in the NFL.

Lucas Oil Stadium is the first that opens and closes from sideline to sideline.

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The others open and close from endzone to endzone. Q: Are the scoreboards and video screens in HD? The two screens on the northwest and southeast corners are 97 feet wide by 53 feet high and are split into one large video board and two smaller displays.

The screens are build with Daktronics premiere HD-X technology. In addition, the stadium has a degree configuration of 3 feet tall screens that wrap around the stadium, nearly feet long to display graphics, scores, and stats.

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