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Tuesday, February 25, 2020 4:19:16 PM

Just as als bahrain sport live tv have been scouring the transfer market looking for new star players, Time Out has had a busy off season too. Whoever you support and no matter what your hopes for the season ahead check out the list of top spots for watching sports. Back of the net! Every Sunday, screenings coincide with a 12 hour long!

Bahrain Sport 1 HD TV frequency on Badr 4

He added that he was delighted to see Bahrain Television bec ome the official broadcaster to the region.

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Alzayani, and its members for their cooperation in realising this opportunity. As the first race of the season lies just days ahead, we look forward to giving our local and regional viewers the best possible coverage of a championship that the Kingdom has become so deeply engrossed in.

Having seen the Formula One World Championship make a home for itself in the Kingdom of Bahrain in , this move now sees Bahrain expand coverage to the motor sport fan base across the region.

Broadcasting the most watched sport on television is a massive opportunity to promote the Kingdom of Bahrain and the tourism and business opportunities that exist in both the Kingdom and the region. Forming a platform for motorsport coverage in the Kingdom, and the region, Bahrain Television will continue to broadcast local races and championships over the racing season.

Readers Comments: steve from dubai - uae wrote: Thought I would let you know who is broadcasting F1 in the Middle east in Abu Dhabi Sports.

Bahrain Sports TV

After last years constant searching for any coverage of F1 I finally found it on Bahrain Sports Channels on Arabsat service. I had to get another dish specially for Arabsat as a conflict existed on the equivalent Nilesat frequencies According to the F1 "world feeds" it looks like our trusted friends at Bahrain Sports TV are going to show both Arabic and English coverage of the seasons action.

Many thanks to Bahrain Sports TV for their coverage of the season. If on NileSat, which frequecy details? Thanks, PK from Kuwait - Kuwait wrote: Which channel in the middle east is going to broadcast the season?

قناة البحرين الرياضية بث مباشر / Bahrain Sport Tv Live

Bahrain TV was for 1 year only. Please Respond. Regards elias from beirut - lebanon wrote: Dear Bahrain TV Thank you for the information you gave it to me.

I was very happy to hear that there will be an arabic free air to air satellite channel that will broadcast f1 session for I want to know if this channel will be on nilesat or not?

Regards elias from beirut - lebanon wrote: dear bahrain TV I just want to thank you for broadcasting F1 session in middle east and north africa.

Please i want to know Regards elias from beirut - lebanon wrote: Dear Bahrain TV I just want to thank you for broadcasting the formula one season in the middle east this year. I just want to know if bahrain tv is going to broadcast the formula one season ? It will probably be a different Arabic free-to-air TV satellite channel which will broadcast the F1 season.

More details will be revealed at a later stage. Nayel from abu dhabi - UAE wrote: Coverage for the qualifying of the singapore was not in english, they had horse on instead, anyone know if it will be in english for tomorrows race? Meanwile, if you will not broadcast on nile sat, aljazeera sport tv should again be the eclusive broadcasting channel for these races.

Your prompt action is highly appreciated. Mohab Selim from Cairo - Egypt wrote: Dears, I had el Bahrain sports for 2 weeks only and after that when i select the chanel one message appears to me that "there is no signal" and i tried to install the channel again but without any positive action.

So, pls. Regards, sami from tipoli - lebanon wrote: i have the bahrain sport tv channel but after the bahrain f1 race it stopped broadcasting, every time i open on it a black screen appear, in the channel info everything is alright i don't know where the problem is.

  • Bahrain TV broadcasts Formula One season in Middle East & North Africa
  • List of television networks by country

And I though it couldn't get worse!!! But i was strongly mistaken!!! Beside the fact that a lot of viewers have more information than the guests present in the studio, there are also horrible pronunciation and technical mistakes. I know that it will take time to have F1 broadcasting quality and commenting bench mark levels, like the great John Watson when he was working for Eurosport.

But these people have to be wisely selected and tested before they go on air. As a matter of fact, the "coolest" thing was the simultaneous bilingual chat commentary on Bahrain Sport TV during the free sessions on 24th and 25th of April at the Bahrain F1 race.

One guy is talking in English and the other one is talking in Arabic To err is human People have to enjoy watching F1 in Arabic on TV.

Otherwise you will start to ask yourself why should I torture myself and watch my favorite sport in miserable quality and amateur-like commenting? I think the FIA should check on the Arabic F1 broadcast more closely, in order to win more F1 fans in the region and in order not to lose the existing F1 fans.

I saw the qualifiying in English on Sports 1 yesterday with the excellent BBC comentary and i'm expecting to watch the race in English to today! Both the Arabic and the English one. I can't believe that a country like Bahrain offers such a bad broadcasting.

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Last years on Aljazeera I was really enjoying it. I had to search on internet a lot to know that Bahrain TV are the exclusive broadcaster, they didn't even advertise for this in the known TV channels, magazines, newspapers or even online through facebook, mass mailing or e-advertising.

Please send my comments to them, and hope they give us quality picture. They have the money and I am sure they can do it.

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No one would think they're putting on their first F1 race this year! If anything, it's discouraged any enthusiasm for the sport. The picture was good but I was quite disappointed to find the commentary only in Arabic. I hope the Bahraini officials can do something about this and broadcast the race with English commentary for non-Arabs, just like Aljazeera used to do.

If the editor has an idea about how to tune in on an English commentary on any Nilesat channel, the help would be appreciated. Please check the frequencies we published below.

RAVO IPTV SmartBox +1 Year Arab/Sports TV

It is available on Atlantic Bird 4 if you can pick up the signal, but most people in UAE will not be able to do this. Bahrain TV should get realistic and put their sports channels on Nilesat where it will get a much higher viewing audience mohamed from Alexandria - Egypt wrote: Well, i am afraid to tell you that there is no F1 on Nilesat.

For no clear reason it's just the same!

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