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But unfortunately, just like last year's game, the iOS version of NBA 2K14 looks great on its surface, but 2k14 basketballs games online at nearly everything that makes the console versions great. One is the overall look. While you're not going to get the smooth graphics found on consoles, 2K Sports has done a good job of making the arenas and teams look pretty good. As you play, the game has cool graphical details like reflections on the hardwood floors, there are great player animations with signature moves for star players, and the faces are pretty recognizable for most of the players.

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Despite this, you will be able to run it online on your PC and on current-gen consoles like PS3 and Xbox This new version of NBA 2K series includes new and improved animations, movements and techniques like no-look passes.

The first screenshots awakened a great interest, and the success of its predecessors helped the presentation to be a huge success.

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The graphical aspect of this NBA 2k14 is superb, details like the sweat of the players increases the feeling of watching a real basketball match. More realism to crack the leaderboards with your roster The long awaited feature Emotion Plus has finally been included in this version.

This new feature is a huge improvement in the realism of the game.

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Thanks to Emotion Plus, the players, their expressions and their personalities are much like in the real-world. Another great novelty is the introduction of the European basketball teams with updated rosters, something that European gamers have been asking for so long.

This mode is a reminiscent of the Jordan Challenge of the 2K11 edition. The biggest changes are in the defensive side, however in the offensive they have been lighter.

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Now, in the defensive side, you can play more effectively thanks to a better gameplay and accurate players and shoots control. The Mygm mode in NBA 2K14 is based on a conversation system; you will have to talk to the press, the players… You will have to rapport with them to get the trust of the franchise and the owner.

But be careful, you have to treat the press honestly and respectfully, if not, get ready for hell. The emotion and emphasis of the competition are real and the comments of the announcers are real-time.

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