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Wiziwig: Poor Legal Options Turn People into Pirates January 3, 27 comments Breaking Wiziwig, one of the world's largest streaming sports portals, shut down this week to the dismay of wiziwig tvs soccer of fans. TorrentFreak caught up with the site's operators who told us a now familiar story. If only sports companies and broadcasters got their act together and fulfilled consumer demand, sites such as Wiziwig would never exist. The site is ranked 1, worlwide by Alexa and is the th most-popular site in the UK. Citing changes in Spanish law, Wiziwig had been forced to close just hours earlier.

13 WiziWig Alternatives & Similar Sites

You Are Here: Home Wiziwig Alternative Wiziwig Alternative A place to find all best wiziwig alternatives: Wiziwig was a popular online sports streaming website that was recently shut down, due to which many sports fans have actively started exploring alternatives.

BatManStream: Top 10 Best Sports Streaming Alternatives

I was like you when I heard the closing news about wiziwig. After a week of frustration, I started searching online to find websites similar to wiziwig. Finally, I collected a good bunch of free sports streaming sites and made this website for sports fans who are looking for similar information.

There are many sites that allow for the legal streamingof sports, but not all of them aggregate all streams in one place. The site was once 1, most popular worldwide and was the th most-popular site in the UK.

Wiziwig allowed users to access live sports programming. Millions availed of the service as it was completely free to use, unlike many sports subscriptions that cost a pretty penny every month.

Watch live Soccer TV

However, at the beginning of , it all came crashing down due to anti-piracy groups and new legislation. So they closed their online streaming site. The Premier Leagues negative attitude toward Wiziwig also contributed to its demise.

They make a huge amount of money from selling the rights to show Premier League matches to broadcasters. Making it an incredibly lucrative avenue for them. Streaming sites like Wiziwig threatened their business as sports fans are never going to pay to watch a match when they can download it for free.

I suspect many fewer than will find other sites that deliver the same service. But it does not matter, we have good news for people who are looking for alternative wiziwig. Collection of 14 best wiziwig alternatives for you - Sites like Wiziwig include: 1.

Livesoccertv Wiziwig Alternative Sites This site is very similar to Wiziwig in that it provides multiple links for viewers to watch the Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga and all other major sporting events. However, something to be aware of; unlike Wiziwig, this streaming service does not provide links for all sports, so football fanatics only.

Laola1 Site like wiziwig. This is a great alternative to Wiziwig as it allows anyone to watch a multitude of sports like soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, motorsports and many more. It is an Austrian site that allows international audiences to view their streams.

It is also free of region blockers so there is no need to install VPN software, unlike many other streaming services.

This one is also completely free. This site is handy for those who want to watch sports that are not as widely available such as table tennis.

Website: Laola1. Stream2Watch This streaming site is slightly different from others as it gathers streams from multiple other sites and puts them in one place to make viewing as convenient as possible for their viewers. It features streams for many sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, basketball.

However, the only negative of stream2watch is that you will encounter misleading and invasive pop-up ads when trying to access a link.

This is to be expected from a site that uses streams from external sources. But this is easily solved by downloading a good ad blocker.

Batmanstream This is an incredibly popular site with those looking to stream live sports. It is available in seven different languages so it is accessible to a huge number of people which is why it is so popular amongst sports fans.

FirstRow Live Football Stream

With this site, it is incredibly easy to find and stream your favourite sports as links are easily accessible for almost all sports. It also carries links for sports that are not as popular such as darts, cycling and WWE, while also supplying links for the more popular sports like football and UFC.

Cricfree - Home of Streaming, it is! A modest website, you would say, yet amongst the huge community of ardent sports junkies, the site is more than that.

To them, this sports streaming platform is that one savior rarely celebrated, but always at hand to deliver.

Sports streaming websites

Access to all the biggest sports media on the planet That Cricfree has all the premium live sports activities from the leading global sports-oriented TV outlets, all heaped together on one platform, is fascinating.

And the best thing is, you access and view them as if you had an active subscription from them. The site is Cool and Professional If you have once tried to access any sports action online, then you have an idea about the many fake and misleading websites that, at best, deliver a poor quality streaming experience.

Oftentimes, you will meet a poorly designed website filled with lots of incessantly obstructive ads.

watch online soccer stream 2 watch

Cricfree has none - you follow your favorite La Liga or EPL team or cheer on your best F1 or Motorsport team with no ads standing on your way. First-class streaming experience Cricfree is miles ahead of the rest. First, it has no Ads — absolutely none, a feature that helps deliver the terrific customer experience.

Wiziwig: Poor Legal Options Turn People into Pirates

The schedule includes all the various sports action, venue and time and, of course, their respective countries. Like a fine wine, Cricfree has been getting better and better!

At a period when live streaming of sporting action online is a taboo and similar websites are blocked quickly, Cricfree has never faced such.

It has been operating all through and even keeps coming of age and keeps delivering the best experience. For now, it goes without saying that Cricfree — Live Sports Streaming is the undisputed king of live sport streaming online!

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