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Monday, December 16, 2019 10:45:15 PM

The Dodgers have just earned the tying run against the Angels and I am why you should watch baseball healthy progress on my garlic fries and souvenir-size Sprite, my Dodger Dog a distant second-inning memory. To my left, two fans — one in an Angels cap, the other in Dodger blue — argue about their team's upcoming seasons.

Best Baseball Movies of All Time

SHARE For the last decade, baseball seemed to be slowly but surely dying of an incurable case of being extremely boring.

Players were boring.

Maybe You Just Like Watching Baseball Games

The games were long and boring. The National League was really, really boring. Sure, nothing can beat the soap opera drama of the NBA, but the MLB is resurgent, having used its decades in the wilderness as a sort of extended rebuilding year.

For the moment, baseball is more fun to watch than football. And the fun has only grown with the start of the playoffs, as all seven remaining playoff teams have a compelling narrative that makes them worth rooting for. Featured Video Watch more Fatherly Subscribe The winners of these series have the Astros and Dodgers, the two best teams in their respective conferences, waiting for them.

MLB Playoffs how to watch the baseball playoffs and the World Series from the UK

Will Clayton Kershaw be able to get past six innings? Can the Astros finally make the jump from lovable underdog to real contenders? For a while, this seemed like a disadvantage, as basketball and football embraced new rules on and off the field to make the game more efficient and enhance the fan experience.

  • The great news is that you can find out how to live stream MLB playoffs action here, no matter where in the world you are this week.
  • The win Cubs?!? Tales from MLB's alternative timelines 2 Related Baseball is a beautiful sport, a joy to watch on television.
  • Growing up, baseball was my life. I slurped up the game like the cherry slushes that cured the heat of an unmerciful summer.
  • Yet, all other games are available for watching baseball online or on a supported device. Day games are available for viewing after dinner, and night games typically open up around midnight.

Baseball took the same road it always traveled and it made all the difference. What was once seen as a self-enforced obsolescence has now become an admirable and principled stance.

Baseball is about baseball so the quality of the play consistently improves.

How to watch Major League Baseball if you've cut the cord

Baseball is also helped because it is a true team sport. There is no one savior in baseball, as even the best pitchers only play once every five games. So building a team is an excruciatingly long and intense process, where you have no idea whether or not all your hard work will pay off or blow up in your face.

But with this great risk comes great reward.

FAQs about attending a baseball game with Zack Hample

And right now, there is an unusually high number of extremely well-constructed teams. The result?

What You Need to Know to Follow Major League Baseball

A lot of good baseball. Watch the playoffs. Failed political stunts by Vice Presidents aside, the level of play simply has not matched the game at the height of its powers.

Through five weeks, teams have struggled with turnovers and missed tackles, leading to a lot of ugly play. ThisTeam will do whatever it takes.

Is football actually any worse than it was when everyone loved it? While soccer encourages flopping and baseball is the only sport where out of shape people can succeed , football thrived on hits that caused long-term trauma mentality.

Now, the crushing hits we once celebrated are difficult to watch. The concussions have always been there, along with the controlling, money-hungry owners and the low scoring, mistake-filled games.

Why No One Watches Baseball Anymore

These used to be obstacles for football to valiantly overcome. Now, with the burden of expectation, they are exactly what is dragging football down. Combined with the recent political unrest and noticeably sloppy player, this giant, concussed elephant might just be the first block pulled in the shaky Jenga tower that is the National Football League.


So if you are hoping to find another sport to obsess over while ignoring the daunting weight of existence in the modern world, why not dust off your old ball cap and give baseball another try?

Because after taking a few years off, baseball is back and as fun as ever.

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