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Terminology[ edit ] In the United States, the sport of association football is mainly referred to as "soccer", as the term "football" is primarily used to refer to the sport of American football. It has long been held that the why watch soccer game entered the States through Ellis Island in the s. However, research has shown that soccer entered America through the port of New Orleansas Irish, English, Scottish, Italian and German immigrants brought the game with them. It was in New Orleans that many of the first games of soccer in America were held.

Iranian women allowed to watch World Cup qualifier in stadium: official

We've got a serious East Coast bias in the times below, but adjust accordingly.

Here's what you need to know so you can plan your summer. The days to binge-watch June 9 The day kicks off with the Women's World Cup as three powerhouses -- Italy, Brazil and England -- take the field for their tournament openers against Australia 7 a. ET , Jamaica a.

ET and Scotland noon ET , respectively. It'll be a particular test for England, who are expected to challenge for the title and can't afford an early slip-up to their northern neighbors.

Thailand 3 p. Earlier in the day, the underdog Netherlands faces New Zealand 9 a.

  • How Does the World Cup Work? What is a Penalty Kick in Soccer?
  • Inexpensive One of the most important reasons why soccer is so popular is because it is so cheap to play.
  • True fans of the sport call it football and not soccer, but I would call it soccer to respect my readers. I grew up in the southwestern part of Nigeria in a family involved greatly in soccer.
  • The most-watched game ever screened in the U.

ET as it hopes to spring a major upset in France this summer. June 18 A good day to sleep in and prepare for a long night in front of the TV.

  • Here are some tips and pointers that will make viewing a match, whether it be youth, college, pro, or international, that much more entertaining.
  • Sports Soccer Football The sport of soccer called football in most of the world is considered to be the world's most popular sport. In soccer there are two teams of eleven players.
  • Match Format In an era of the increasing commercialization of American sports, soccer is truly a breath of fresh air.
  • A few months ago I wrote an article listing reasons why NBA fans, with the then impending and thankfully short lockout of the NBA season, should get into soccer. The rest of the world does, why not?
  • This could be it, this could be the week your beloved soccer team wins that all-important three points. Your nerves are jangling, palms are sweating and nothing in the world can distract you from watching the action as the referee starts lifting the whistle to his lips.
  • I strictly use public transit, even buses; some people rent cars and use taxis. I also put together quite a few free hotel nights.

ET before the Selecao men take the field against an impressive underdog, Venezuela, in the Copa America p. Don't expect a break, though: The U. June 22 The U. You'd expect them to get it, too, based on the early going under Gregg Berhalter.

Before that, you can catch Brazil in action against Peru in the Copa America 3 p. ET and 3 p. ET to keep you going.

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EPL: Watching soccer could be good for your health

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's LA Galaxy at p. June 29 It's getting serious in all four big tournaments as this day has a whopping eight games to keep an eye on. You've got two Women's World Cup quarterfinals 9 a. ET, p. ET , a Copa America quarterfinal 3 p.

How to Watch Soccer by Ruud Gullit

Ghana 1 p. Stay hydrated and remember to stretch at regular intervals! Eight games not enough? There are nine MLS matches on the air, including Minnesota vs. Cincinnati at 4 p.

How We Watch Soccer Now

Montreal at 5 p. LA Galaxy at 10 p. July 2 Three competitions reach a crucial point as we get a semifinal in the Women's World Cup 3 p. ET , Copa America p.

ET to round out their group stage. ET , Copa America 4 p. Plus the African Nations Cup hits the round of 16 with two games in the mix, but that obscures the most tantalizing point: We could see two U.

The haters continuously say, "It's a sport for people with no strength," "It's too long and boring," and "It's just a bunch of fairies running around. We're all entitled to have opinions; however, if us soccer fans were to talk smack on other sports, whether it's football, baseball or basketball, their fans get defensive and act like their sport is the best in the world.

How often does that happen? July 19 Just when you think you've finally relaxed following that six-week stretch of world-class international soccer, along comes the latest installment of El Trafico, Major League Soccer's red-hot rivalry between O.

Remember Ibra's MLS debut , which happened to be in this fixture?

Does Your Child Watch Soccer?

Buckle up for what promises to be a wild ride. Worried about keeping up from day to day? Our scores page will have you covered for kickoff times, results and match reports from every single game: Click here Gold Cup U.

Only one Gold Cup has been won by another nation, when Canada shocked the continent in Given the power of their animosity at times through the years -- dos a cero, anyone?

7 Reasons Why We Love Soccer

Yet this year's edition could be intriguing given that both teams look a lot different in Equally, the U. Anything less will be considered a failure.

Lionel Messi is no stranger to silverware.

soccer tv app android

He has won just about every major title for his club as well as five Ballons d'Or, a prize awarded to the player of the year in all of soccer. He has been to four finals with the Albiceleste -- three Copa Americas plus the World Cup -- and lost them all.

He does have an Olympic gold medal, but that's a JV accomplishment. With 65 international goals and 41 assists, it's not for a lack of trying. Standing in his way this time, we presume, are Brazil, who are equally desperate to end a frustrating streak of futility on the international stage.

Welcome to the summer of soccer

The last time Brazil hosted a major tournament, they lost to Germany in the World Cup semifinal. The Selecao are under pressure to deliver at home, especially when they haven't gone beyond the quarterfinals since their last victory in Their prospects became more uncertain in light of the recent news that Neymar, who was accused of raping a woman in Paris last month, will now miss the entire tournament due to an ankle injury suffered in a warm-up game.

Other contenders will be the always dangerous Uruguay, blessed with a hard-as-nails defense and potent attack, as well as two-time defending champions Chile, who are in transition but carry many of the squad that have been here and won it before.

Colombia have James Rodriguez and a chip on their shoulders.

6 Reasons Why Americans Should Watch Soccer

The U. One generation escaped the shadow of its predecessors then, but a similar transition could happen in France this summer.

Can this squad be as good as the ones that came before?

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