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Wednesday, December 18, 2019 1:51:07 PM

After school I would get to play a game of catch with some of my buddies, toss around a footballor put together an impromptu match of soccer. However, the sun setting was a watching sports in the dark referee's whistle blow signaling the end of the fun. Apparently children having fun outside in the dark is "dangerous" for many reasons, and even if our parents didn't mind, it was hard to see where anything was. The other day I came across a cool new pair of shoes on one of my favorite websites - glow-in-the-dark soccer shoes.

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World's Best Man Watching Tv In The Dark Stock Pictures, Photos, and Images

A sports-lover's guide to buying a TV 1. Know your source Before buying a new box, it's key to know the broadcast quality of your favourite sports.

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If you're watching a SD broadcast on a 4K TV, it needs to upscale the video to display at the higher resolution. How well it bridges this 'gap' depends heavily on the quality of the unit and its internal processors.

Jon Gruden: “I got tired of sitting in a dark room, watching tape by myself."

This can vary notably between models and definitions, which is why we score separately for SD and HD sources above. What's the difference? Well, LCD liquid-crystal display TVs require a light source behind their screen panel, meaning they can go very dark grey but never full black.

By comparison, OLED organic light emitting diode screens have lights integrated within each diode and they can simply turn off when required, giving you true blacks. What size TV do you need?

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Bigger is always better, right? Not always with TVs, because it also depends on your room size and how close you watch. If you sit too close to a massive screen, you may be able to see the pixels — and that's not pretty. Testing a TV in store Retailers usually play animated movies on in-store TVs because they look amazing.

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Sport is a completely different ball game, so switch to a game or race to truly test their mettle. If that's not possible, you could take in your own sports DVD to test.

Evaluate key specs like picture clarity are the numbers on jerseys sharp? Cycle through picture modes and note nasties like judder lack of smooth panning , motion blur trailing elements behind fast-moving objects and odd saturation.

Store TVs are often muted too, so turn the volume up if you can and study the sound. Is it rich or tinny?

How do commentators' voices sound? If it's ordinary, you might need to purchase an accompanying soundbar too — check out our soundbar reviews. Suss out the screen angle Got friends coming round regularly for the footy?

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Then you'll want to test the screen angle and ensure they'll all be able to see well. As you move sideways from the centre of the screen, most TVs will lose some colour and contrast.

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Stand in the middle of the screen at your normal viewing distance and then take a few steps sideways. If the picture degrades too much, keep moving till you find a screen that does a better job. Your friends will thank you.

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