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If you live in the USA, there are several options to catch all the action. We Recommend: US Only. Get the details on the offer or watching soccer in england today. MUTV is available via Roku. Premier League matches at your local pub Of course, if you want to interact with other fans while watching Premier League matches, you could always find a local pub in or near your area.

Sports Bars and Pubs Showing Major League Soccer in UK

I checked into the creatively named Hotel Football , which is well within cheer-shot of the stadium. It carries the soccer theme further than I could possibly imagine: Soccer trading cards paper the hallways and the shampoos and soaps in the shower come in jersey-shaped pouches.

  • I strictly use public transit, even buses; some people rent cars and use taxis.
  • From the fans that turn up to watch a village team, to the 75, at Old Trafford, Saturday is when half the country stops at 3 pm to watch the action unfold. Land in London and you're transferred to a five-star hotel in Mayfair, the country's most celebrated address.
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  • The origins of modern-day soccer are said to have sprouted up in England in the s, and the eating traditions surrounding the game are almost as deep and rich as the history of the game itself.
  • Email Cameroon manager Alain Djeumfa accused officials of a "miscarriage of justice" in Sunday's Women's World Cup loss to England, citing frustration with multiple video replay decisions while defending his players' protest of the calls. At times during the incident-filled game, the Cameroon players looked like they might refuse to resume playing, leading England manager Phil Neville to say he was "ashamed" of his opponents' behavior.

In every room, the mini fridge is stocked with free grape soda and Curly Wurly chocolate bars, for some reason. From my room overlooking the stadium, drinking my grape soda, I watched fans at all hours taking selfies at statues of Bobby Charlton and George Best.

It looks run-down, with rusting exposed girders not the trendy type and a dated, s-shag-carpet kind of feel. The locker rooms, which you can see if you take the tour, are tiny and surprisingly bare, and even the VIPs have to make do with a ring of dingy lounges and suites around the pitch.

That night, they only had to be better than a team from Basel, Switzerland -- and they were, winning It was electric, even for someone on the shady side of Also in the center city is the National Football Museum.

The exhibits got me wondering about why the game is so popular, and how it evolved from kickabouts in the park into a global cultural monster.

Cameroon blasts officials after loss to England

How to do soccer in Liverpool An effortless morning train ride got me to the mouth of the Mersey on the day of another Champions League game, Liverpool hosting Sevilla. Good call.

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Anfield is modern in every sense, with comfy seats, nice sightlines and spiffy concession stands. Yet it still feels like a classic old park. Liverpudlians have a choice between two sworn enemies: Liverpool in red, or Everton in blue.

Tips for watching a soccer game in England

I had no idea the two clubs were physically so close together -- just an easy walk apart, across Stanley Park. Certainly, Liverpool has enjoyed the sweet smell of success more often, especially in a golden era of 11 league titles and four European Cups in the s and s. Goodison Park, so close by, sat dark.

Soccer tickets to major games in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Paris, and Amsterdam

After that, it hardly mattered that Liverpool tied Sevilla. Sans odor, one hopes.

Premier League

How to do soccer in Newcastle I took the train coast-to-coast and arrived in Newcastle with a day to spare before the game.

Manchester and Liverpool are fine cities for a stroll, but Newcastle may be the best of the lot. I walked from the statue of abolitionist Earl Grey down to the River Tyne, and explored the relics of the newer castle from which the city got its name.

The whole city is named in this amusingly straightforward way. For instance, the gate through which prisoners were taken from the jail to be executed?

Newcastle has two official cathedrals. Nicholas, affiliated with the Church of England, and St. The stadium sits right in the heart of the city.

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It was expanded in the s with the same exposed girders and pipes that make Old Trafford look so tacky. The whole thing comes off a bit better at St.

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A few years ago, the current team owner tried to rename of the stadium after one of his businesses. It belongs to Newcastle.

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