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Monday, December 9, 2019 7:25:44 PM

Find out how you can watch sports online nz all 48 live matches of Rugby World Cup You'll get access to all 48 matches live and on demand, plus lots of extras.

Community Get ahead of the game with Lightwire New Zealand is prepping for rugby fever and the Lightwire team is strengthening its defences to tackle the predicted increase in online streaming this season. All matches will be made available online using Spark Sport — both live and on-demand.

Our team have all the right gear and are upgrading broadband towers and adding new sites where possible.

Streaming sports online

Make sure you sign up to a Spark Sport 7 day trial before the Rugby World Cup kicks off to ensure everything is working. Then test, test and test your streaming capability and speed before the games start.

How to watch the rugby world cup in New Zealand?

If you have any problems, the Lightwire Helpdesk is ready with all kinds of tricks to gain line. Overtime Spark has estimated that streaming each game, at the highest quality, will use 6GB of data. Lower quality streaming will use less data. Definitely a win!

Be ready for the Rugby World Cup™

Lightwire is putting in the extra yards — will you? Want to find out more?

Get the latest update on prices and the matches you can watch here: While we have you here, have a look at our unlimited off-peak data plan! Subscribe to our blog.

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