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Press Association watches nchsaa football championships. He is also the only two-time winner of the N.

‘Something about Friday night football’

In addition, the Patriots were ranked No. While at Independence, Knotts coached the Patriots to six state titles in seven years in , he returned to his alma mater, Duke University, to serve one season as quarterbacks coach , and was the architect of the long winning streak. Lewis left Independence in for his first athletic director job and then returned to Independence in as its athletic director.

Myers Park of Charlotte won its first state championship since , shooting over 2 days to top Day One leader New Bern by 2 shots.

He never got caught up in the national spotlight, always thanked his offensive line and receivers, and had the strongest arm of any quarterback. Very humble. As an overall football player, he would rank No. Chris would lead the state in passing yardage and touchdowns every year. He rarely, if ever, had to tuck the ball and run.

Chris obviously had a very strong arm, and could hit his receivers in full stride with little to no effort. He was amazing to watch. He led by example in everything he did. First on field, last off. Chris was a quiet person by nature, and never got too excited.

He was also a leader in the weight room. He also broke the national record for touchdowns and led the team to three straight state titles. We just wanted to play hard and try to win each game. Players were told to just take one game at a time and the rest will take care of itself.

Welcome to Wake Forest High School Athletics

Reality may have sunk in when we broke the public school record of 71 wins I think. Then, once we got to , the local paper made a big deal out of it, and the cable channel did a small documentary about us.

Issues that were discussed included the media and photography rights, national competitions in individual sports held during the summer, on-line rules meetings and testing, marketing, and two year NFHS Rule Books. The Anderson Highland High School football program is issued a warning.

It was awesome to be a part of something that can never be taken away from you that not a lot of people get to say they were part of either. In addition, his touchdown passes in a career is a state record and ranks second nationally. According to Scout.

Chris Leak far left takes the field with his Charlotte Independence teammates Following high school, the , pound Leak attended the University of Florida. During his senior year, he led the Gators to their first SEC championship since , and to their first national championship game appearance since We had 22 seniors on the national championship team.

It was mission accomplished, with a lot of hard work and dedication to it. We had a great group of guys — all of us very talented and everyone supported each other.

We gelled very well as a team, everybody knew and understood their roles and did their jobs — similar to how the New England Patriots do today. We had to travel there, but we won in a big way.

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Richmond County was then and still is a highly respected program with a lot of high school all-Americans, and many players who went on to play in college and in the NFL.

In my eyes, that win got us over the hump as being a nationally ranked program.

What you need to know about the NCHSAA football championships this weekend

We work with youngsters aged three to 18 with our junior player development program — anything from youth flag leagues, Bucs junior training camps, high school coach of the week program, high school athlete of the week program, etc.

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