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Not surprisingly, golf's us professional sports tv ratings have the highest share of seniors. The same was true of the Super Bowl in And in But the supermassive audience of the final game is just the capstone on football's monopoly of the little screen.

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In , in response to mounting criticism for its quickly growing revenue, the NFL gave up the tax-exempt status it had held since The league now exists as a trade association made up of and financed by its 32 member teams.

Other revenue streams include ticket sales, merchandising, and licensing rights and corporate sponsorships. Despite steadily declining viewership since and recent controversies about concussions and the national anthem, the NFL is making more money than ever.

And the league is showing no intentions of slowing down. This money is then divided evenly between the 32 teams regardless of individual performance. Local revenue, which consists of ticket sales, concessions, and corporate sponsors, is earned by the teams themselves.

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However, the costs of running a professional football team are high. The NFL gave up its tax-exempt status in Massive TV deals Football is, hands down, the most-viewed sport in the U.

Nineteen of the 20 most-viewed TV broadcasts in U. These games are consistently the highest rated shows on TV, so media companies have shelled out big bucks for the rights to broadcast them.

Merchandising and Licensing Deals Although the majority of its national revenue comes from its monster TV deals, the NFL also makes money by selling companies the rights to sell items that represent the NFL.

For instance, the NFL, in partnership with Nike, signed a year licensing deal with online sports-retailer Fanatics in On average, NFL stadiums seat about 70, people, and games usually sell out. The one thing teams can do is choose to renovate their stadiums to add more seats and concession stands.

Sports on U.S. TV

Such renovations are costly and disruptive, but usually pay off. NFL teams can also use their stadiums to host non-football events, like concerts, but opportunities for revenue growth from these events have the same limitations.

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Like ticket sales, concessions are peanuts compared to TV deals. The most coveted sponsorships are naming rights to NFL stadiums.

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Streaming Although TV is still king when it comes to watching football, streaming is on the rise. This is twice the size of the deal Verizon had with the NFL before.

If the growth of TV deals in the last few decades are any indication, these deals will also continue to grow rapidly over the coming decades.

Gambling Although the NFL has always officially been against sports gambling, that is likely to change soon. In May, the Supreme Court decided to let states determine whether or not to legalize sports gambling.

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As of July, eight states have already fully legalized the practice, while seven more have passed bills to do so. A legislative wave has begun. To capitalize on this, the NFL could set up betting parlors in stadiums , partner with established casinos , set up online sports gambling portals, etc.

This was the case in , , and , when ratings fell slightly for three consecutive years. This same logic also applies to popular teams. When few popular teams make the playoffs, fewer fans watch.

We've viewed [the 2K League] as another way to engage that audience. It's a popular global sport, but 2K is very popular internationally, too.

According to the research firm MoffetNathanson, only half of the 10 most popular teams made it to the postseason in He repeatedly admonished the NFL in and about not cracking down hard enough on players for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality.

Many of his supporters boycotted the league as a result. However, it remains to be seen whether this political entanglement will last.

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