Topps 3d Live Baseball Cards

Friday, December 20, 2019 12:03:07 AM

Elgan: Is augmented reality just a cheap gimmick? But topps 3d live baseball cards existing augmented reality apps are little more than parlor tricks. Contributing Columnist, Computerworld Augmented reality, long a staple of science fiction, is here, there and everywhere. A search on Google News brings up nearly recent stories about the technology and the companies that claim to offer it.

Topps 3D Live Baseball Cards » WoW It Ain't

Share Sponsored Links Put aside those Pokeman or Bakugan cards kids, Topps is back with a vengeance in an attempt to woo Internet bred sophisti-tots back into collecting baseball cards.

Right, Topps, the company that pre-dates Human Growth Hormone abuse and packs a nostalgic smack of dusty pink sticks of chewing gum is back in the game, this time with some help from former Disney exec Michael Eisner.

Just hold the special 3D Live card in front of a webcam and watch a three-dimensional avatar spring to life -- rotate the card and the figure rotates in full perspective.

The technology provided by Total Immersion also allows collectors to drop the player into simple pitching, batting and catching games using the computer keyboard.

Already rare: Topps 3D baseball card packs are sold out / Blowout Buzz

The 3D Live series will eventually feature video. Click through for a video demonstration -- trust us, you'll be amazed at what they've done. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company.

Jeff Hwang Updated: Oct 3, at AM "By the '80s, baseball card values were rising beyond the average hobbyist's means. As prices continued to climb, baseball cards were touted as a legitimate investment alternative to stocks, with The Wall Street Journal referring to them as sound 'inflation hedges' and 'nostalgia futures.

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